This fleece headband is making winter runs more bearable 

Choosing what to wear when running in winter is more than just a fashion statement. If you’re not dressed appropriately you can quickly feel the effects of the cold on your joints, with muscles tightening up too. 

Keeping your body warm is imperative to getting the most out of a run. Layering up is always a good idea but a fleece headband is also a savvy addition to your running wardrobe. 

The GoFriend Fleece Ear Warmers Headband is a brilliant way to ward off a cold head and ears when pounding the pavements this winter. Made from soft fleecy material, it will offer superior wind and cold protection as well as keeping you cosy. Plus, at £5.99 it’s wonderfully affordable.  

The GoFriend Fleece Headband is the number one bestseller in 'Women's Ear Muffs' on Amazon

The GoFriend Fleece Headband is the number one bestseller in ‘Women’s Ear Muffs’ on Amazon 

The GoFriend Fleece Ear Warmers are the number one bestseller for ‘Women’s Earmuffs’ on Amazon. With over 500 ratings and an impressive average score of 4.5 out of 5, it’s a popular and highly recommended choice. 

The one-size-fits-all headband is made out of premium fleece that is both warm and breathable so you can keep cosy and comfortable on your runs, or when out walking this winter. 

Plus as it’s small and lightweight, you can easily stuff it in your pocket if you get to hot whilst out and about.  

The sports headband has also been designed with an arc-shape which offers proper grip so you won’t have to deal with it slipping or sliding around.

It has also been made of a stretchy material which wraps around the ears perfectly, keeping them warm regardless of head size. Shoppers have also commented how the headband is thin enough to wear under bike helmets too. 

One delighted shopper left a five star review, writing: ‘Bought these for wearing whilst running. They are wonderfully warm without being bulky and are comfortable enough that I forgot I had a pair on for hours. They also stay in place without riding up as you move and exercise.’ 

Another agreed, adding: ‘LOVE this purchase… can’t believe how well they stay on and they’re soft enough that I can wear my headphones underneath too, I have suffered with ear infections and bought this so I could continue running! Super impressed, I don’t overheat and no wind gets through!!.’

You can choose from a selection of colours, with two headbands included in a £5.99 pack

You can choose from a selection of colours, with two headbands included in a £5.99 pack 

The affordable £5.99 price tag hasn’t gone unnoticed by shoppers either, with shoppers calling them ‘superb value’. 

‘Love there’s 2 in the pack’ penned one shopper. ‘Lightweight, not too thick and will fit under my cycle helmet. Superb value.’ 

Another also agreed, writing: ‘These are well worth the money I use mine every morning when I go walking very warm and cosy would definitely recommend these.’

While the fleece headband is ideal for keeping your ears warm and hair out of your face whilst running, it could be used for any outdoor sports during cold spells or are just as ideal for winter walks. 

One shopper even commented on how breathable the headband is: ‘Very warm and was able to work without getting too sweaty. Would definitely recommend for the price!’

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