TikTok menace Mizzy arrives in court ahead of sentencing

TikTok menace Mizzy today arrived in Thamesead Magistrates’ court today to facce sentencing after being found guilty of breaching an order by uploading videos of himself outside Westfield and riding a bike through Sainsbury’s just hours after he was banned. 

A judge at Stratford Magistrates’ Court last month told the 19-year-old father-of-one, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, his behaviour had been deliberate and warned he faces the prospect of time in jail. 

Mizzy was found guilty of two charges of breaching a criminal behaviour order. He was cleared of two other counts as it was proven they were recorded after he had received the order. 

Mizzy made a name for himself online after posting videos of a series of vile pranks including forcing himself into other people’s homes and cars; taking a distressed elderly lady’s pet dog and being a nuisance in shops and libraries.

He was missing his ‘sole witness’ today who would have spoken ‘in favour of him’ because the pair were arrested for perverting the course of justice 10 days ago, the court heard.

The criminal behaviour orders that Mizzy denied breaching were put in place on May 24 this year at Thameside Magistrate’s Court.

Mizzy, whose real name is Bacari-Brozne O'Garro, appeared at Thamesmead Magistrates' Court today, he is pictured here last month outside Stratford Magistrates' Court

Mizzy pictured outside Stratford Magistrates' Court last month was warned he faces jail

O'Garro has also previously shared a clip of himself cycling inside a Sainsbury's  supermarket after he was given the criminal behaviour order

In this video at Westfield, he said he had just come out of court, adding: 'I'm banned from this place [Stratford Westfield], I can't go in here. The UK law is a joke.'


On May 26, another 'riding bikes in places' video was posted to his Twitter account that shows him cycling through the Jobcentre

He was barred from posting videos without the subject’s consent, entering private property such as homes, schools, and businesses, and forbidden from stepping foot in Westfield Stratford shopping centre.

That same day, at 8pm, he appeared on the Piers Morgan show and criticised Britain’s justice system when he said ‘UK laws are weak’.

Just over two hours later, at 10.15pm, he allegedly uploaded a Twitter video from Westfield Stratford, which featured passers-by without their consent.

In the video posted to @mizzyisbanned, he said he had just come out of court, adding: ‘I’m banned from this place [Stratford Westfield], I can’t go in here. The UK law is a joke.’

District Judge Matthew Bone found Mizzy’s evidence lacked any credibility. He said: ‘Why record what he knew were going to be new videos at West Stratford if it was not going to be shared with his knowledge and agreement?

‘It was uploaded by or at the instruction of the defendant, without the consent of members of the public featured.

‘He had just appeared on national television and said UK law was weak. I found his behavior that evening to be a deliberate and intentional challenge to the behavior order.’

Judge Bone warned Mizzy he now faces time behind bars.

‘What I have convicted you of crosses the custody threshold,’ he said.

‘You need to fully understand the seriousness of the situation you are in now. I feel duty-bound to order a pre-sentence report.’

He was bailed provided he lives and sleeps at his address, and was banned from posting on social media. 

In footage shown to the court, he said he had lots of upcoming social media content, including a boxing match, and claimed he would be posting it on livestreaming platform Twitch.

Mizzy made a name for himself online after posting videos of a series of pranks, including riding on top of this bus

In a new video today, Mizzy boasted about his case being 'light work' while on his way to court

He said 'free me today'

He added Twitter would be his main account and that his posts would be tagged with #MizzyIsBanned.

Just 35 minutes later, at 10.50pm, another video titled ‘Sainbury’s security are slow’ appeared on Mizzy’s blue tick verified account, in which he is seen apparently filming himself riding through the Sainsbury’s supermarket on a Lime Bike.

In the footage, a shopper shouts ‘get off your bike’ as Mizzy repeatedly sings ‘riding bikes in places.’ At one point he narrowly avoids colliding with a woman in the bike.

He then cycles the bike into the Dalston supermarket’s stockroom shouting: ‘I’m just trying to park up.’

When told that he isn’t allowed to ride bikes there, he replies: ‘I thought this was part of the shopping centre’, adding: ‘I know this is Sainsbury’s, I’m coming out boss.’

Just two days later, on May 26, another ‘riding bikes in places’ video was posted to his Twitter account that shows him cycling through the Jobcentre, caption: ‘Finally got a job.’

He can be heard saying: ‘I want to get a job, where can I get a job from? Oh, I can’t ride in here?’

On the same day police arrested O’Garro on a rooftop and subsequently charged him with three counts of breaching a criminal order.

O’Garro was arrested yet again on July 7 after new videos appeared on his Snapchat account ‘lowmizzy’.

In one film, O’Garro runs up to a student shouting that he’d been speaking about him on social media, calling him ‘p***y’ before repeatedly grabbing him by the collar.

The next shows O’Garro getting into a scuffle with a man with dwarfism.

In another old video, O'Garro claimed that the police will never get him as he continued to cause chaos

After that, another appears with the caption ‘POV: You get bored in Free Roam’ which shows him leaping and running over a series of cars parked in a line.

Taking the stand in a grey knitted jumper, O’Garro claimed his friend and manager uploaded the two ‘riding bikes in places’ videos without his knowledge or consent, adding that he had the log in to the Twitter account and others.

The father of a one-year-old boy insisted that the Sainsbury’s footage was shot in summer 2022, and that it had already been posted online prior to the bans.

Defending the footage of him tackling the student, he said: ‘The first one the one with a school kid we were in a building with a charity.

‘So we said let’s get a video together, we had some social media beef, so we said let’s get together have a fake fight.’

Responding to the Westfield Stratford footage, he said: ‘I thought I wasn’t allowed in the actual shopping centre because I didn’t get the maps when I was in court.

‘It said Westfield Stratford City [on the order] and I thought it was the [shopping] centre.

‘The week before I got that [community protection order] I had a community protection warning issued by the police in the exact same location.

‘They said I’m allowed in that area but I can’t got into the centre. They used the exact same wording.’

O'Garro also sparked anger after appearing to walk into a family's home without the owners' permission

The manager-stroke-friend, who O’Garro said he doesn’t pay, was expected to be the ‘sole witness’ who would speak in the prankster’s favour.

However, the pair were arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice on October 16 after allegedly uploading yet another mischievous video.

As a result, the friend cannot give evidence because the pair are prohibited from having any contact.

Barrister Paul Lennon argued the ‘key witness’ would have admitted uploading the video without O’Garro’s knowledge, arguing a ‘fair trial’ could not take place without that testimony.

District Judge Matthew Bone rejected the application.

Asked whether he was ready to proceed with today’s trial, Paul Lennon, defending, said: ‘The defendant and [the witness] were released on bail with the condition not to contact directly or indirectly each other each other.

‘Had he not been arrested on suspicion of very serious allegations of perverting the course of justice he would be here to give evidence on Mr O’Garro.’

Asked what the evidence will be, Mr Lennon explained: ‘That he uploaded the images or videos without O’Garro knowledge, therefore judge, you have it.

‘I was hoping that the sole witness in his favour would be available to attend court and provide evidence in support. That is no longer possible.

‘The defence submit that he is the one witness who would have possibly supported the defence case.

‘Without the witness to support the defendant will only have himself to present his evidence to the court.’

Earlier, Mizzy had posted a series of videos on his Instagram where he was seen smoking, laughing with his friends, while he also told his followers ‘free me today’ as he described the case as ‘light work’.

He has pleaded not guilty to all four charges.

The trial continues.


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