Tim Scott reveal his mystery GIRLFRIEND on stage

  • Sen. Scott’s campaign confirmed the relationship to DailyMail.com 
  • Mindy Noce and Scott have been dating for ‘several months’ the senator noted 
  • Noce is a Charleston-based interior designer for a real estate company
  • READ MORE: Who is Tim Scott’s 47-year-old girlfriend Mindy Noce  

Tim Scott ended months of speculation about his love life by bringing his girlfriend on stage after the Republican presidential debate in Miami.

The 58-year-old South Carolina Senator made his first public appearance with Charleston interior designer Mindy Noce, 47, after Wednesday’s showdown between the GOP candidates.

Scott posed for photos with the mother-of-three behind his debate lectern and briefly held her hand in a touching moment after a tense night in the GOP primary.  

They were set up by one of Scott’s friends in church and bonded while talking about God and using an app to do a Bible study together.

Scott’s campaign confirmed to DailyMail.com that the pair have been dating for around a year after eagled-eyed views spotted Noce smiling for the cameras.

The identity of his girlfriend has been a closely guarded secret since the start of his presidential campaign. 

When asked for details, he only said she was a ‘lovely Christian girl’ who enjoyed playing pickleball.

Tim Scott has revealed that the mystery woman he brought onto stage at the end of the debate was his girlfriend

Mindy Noce is a Charleston-based interior designer for Atlantic Properties of Lowcountry real estate firm. Sen. Scott said they have been dating for 'several months'

On Wednesday, the speculation came to an end as Noce made her first public appearance. 

Amid a high-tension debate with several personal attacks, Scott remained out of the line of fire.

And he seemed happy as a clam as he made his very brief first appearance with Noce in front of the media.

Scott nonchalantly said Noce is ‘great’ when asked about her in the post-debate spin room. 

He did not respond to a follow-up question on whether her attending the debate on Wednesday was a ‘soft-launch’ of taking their relationship more public. 

It’s also unclear if Mindy will make more public appearances on the campaign trail, while many of the other Republican candidates bring their families and spouses along for the ride.

Scott told reporters he has been dating Mindy for ‘several months.’ 

A registered Republican, Noce’s profile page for her job prompts her to describe herself in one sentence. She wrote: ‘A mover-and-shaker with a creative eye and love for people!’ 

Despite Scott insisting he was in a relationship, many were skeptical and asked why he didn’t bring his girlfriend on the campaign trail. 

The moment with Scott and Noce on stage at the debate on Wednesday is the first time the couple has officially gone public as an item

Noce and Scott were set up through church and bonded while talking about God and using an app to do a Bible study together

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed the pair posing for photos as the date wrapped - and immediately questioned if she was the mystery woman he discussed in the early stages of his campaign

The design and renovations manager graduated from the College of Charleston, where she majored in Health Science

Noce (right) pictured volunteering with colleagues from Atlantic Properties of Lowcountry real estate firm

Meanwhile, a DailyMail.com poll released in August found that Republicans in Iowa don’t really care whether or not the eventual nominee is married or not.

Still Americans have not voted a single man into the White House for more than a century. And earlier this year, reports surfaced suggesting that donors were nervous about Sen. Scott’s bachelor status.

Seventy percent of Republicans in Iowa, the first state to weigh-in on who the nominee should be, said the issue of marital status was not important in deciding who they will support.

Only 26 percent said it mattered, according to the poll conducted by J.L. Partners for DailyMail.com in July.

In September, Scott told a crowd in Iowa, ‘I’m dating a lovely Christian girl,’ though her identity remained a secret.

The Washington Post did an in-depth piece on the senator’s love life, and Scott said a friend from church had set the pair up.

The two hit it off talking about God and using an app to do a Bible study together.

On a date at a Charleston restaurant she ordered the steak and he got the swordfish, and even though they shared dishes, the senator would later learn she doesn’t like swordfish. 

The couple played pickleball, and Scott was embarrassed to find out that he was the ‘weak man on the court.’

Scott’s campaign manager confirmed to The Washington Post the woman was real and that they even went to the zoo together. 


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