Top chef reveals secrets behind ‘melt in the mouth’ dry-aged steak

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A top chef has revealed the secrets behind a decadent dry-aged steak dish featuring Australian black truffle, which features on the menu at a new restaurant in Sydney‘s CBD. 

Head of Culinary Chef Sean Hall from The Meat & Wine Co has opened up about the luxurious dish which is available at the newest Castlereagh Street venue and offers a ‘melt in the mouth’ experience. 

'Melt in the mouth': Customers will be able to enjoy a decadent dry aged steak dish served with Black Australian truffle at the Meat & Wine Co's latest venue

‘The purpose of dry ageing is to amplify the natural flavours and tenderness of the meat. We encases the steak in a thick layer of whipped beef dripping butter and infuses it with bespoke flavour fusions, giving the beef a beautiful subtle hint, after it has been aged for up to 6 weeks,’ chef Hall explains to Daily Mail Australia.  

‘The ageing helps to showcase how flavoursome and memorable a carefully treated steak can be. Part of the magic of our iconic AGED programme is the premium quality of our steak. We use 100% grass-fed beef from Southern Ranges SR4, a superior steak that’s raised on the rich and verdant pastures of Gippsland in Victoria.’ 

When paired with Black Australian truffle, Chef Hall says: ‘The umami depth balances harmoniously with tender marbling and enhances the meat’s natural flavours, creating a ‘melt in the mouth’ result.’ 

The luxurious dish will available alongside an expansive steak program, including the O’Connor, a 240-day grain-fed range, exclusively curated by Chef Hall, at the Meat & Wine Co’s newest venue situated in Sydney’s CBD.

When paired with Black Australian truffle, Chef Hall says: 'The umami depth balances harmoniously with tender marbling and enhances the meat's natural flavours'

Striking: The venue takes inspiration from African culture which can seen in its menu and its decor

The venue, which opens on Friday, marks the 12th restaurant for the African-inspired group with steakhouses across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, and London. 

Chef Hall says: ‘Dining at The Meat & Wine Co is like dining at home – we love to bring families and friends together in a relaxed, yet beautiful atmosphere.’

Alongside the signature steak dishes the restaurant’s menu also showcases South African favourites, including Boerewors – beef sausages with coriander & cumin, chakalaka sauce and onion rings and the iconic Biltong, African air-dried beef. 

Drink up! The restaurant also boasts a decadent bar area and an extensive wine list

In the details: The new eatery was created by interior architects Design Partnership Australia

Wine lovers have not been forgotten with a wide selection of South African and Australian selections available as well as a state-focused wine list showcasing local wineries.

The restaurant wine list also features a bespoke Cellar Release section, which features a broad selection of Limited, Museum and Special Release wines which include the 2018 Penfolds’ Grange’ and the 2017 Henschke’ Hill of Grace’. 

The new eatery was created by interior architects Design Partnership Australia and has a stunning bar area boasting a colour palette that nods to the richness of Africa and its cultural heritage through the balanced use of marble, gold, velvet, and leather. 

‘The design intent of the Castlereagh venue brings together the prosperity of the Australian gold rush era with Africa’s diverse culture, creating a remarkably elevated and familiar dining experience,’ Troy Mattingly, the Meat & Wine Co-Brand Manager, explains. 

For more information including opening hours and to make a booking, click here.  


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