Topless Colombian politician begs for votes after a night of ‘orgasms’

Shocking moment a topless Colombian politician begs for votes after a night of ‘many orgasms’ – then demands an investigation into how the video leaked after she sent it to her own staffers

  • A viral video from September 1 shows Colombian assembly candidate Catalina Jaramillo topless with her boyfriend and asking for votes
  • The video was recorded in celebration of the August 31 blue moon and the 44-year-old claims to have ‘woke to many orgasms’
  • She shared the video with her campaign staffers and is now investigating the viral video’s release

A Colombian political hopeful is fuming after someone leaked a video that shows her topless in bed with her boyfriend and asking for votes.

Catalina Jaramillo opted to celebrate a blue moon on August 31 with a night of sex with her partner.

She filmed herself seeking support ahead of the October 29 elections for an assembly seat in the department of Antioquia.

‘Hello, today your Green Party Assembly candidate, number 74 (ballot, woke up very happy. Lovingly, she woke to many orgasms,’ the 44-year-old Medellín native said in Spanish, referring to herself in the third-person.

Catalina Jaramillo, who is seeking public office for the first time in Colombia, recently recorded herself with her boyfriend, boasting about a night of sex in which she 'woke to many orgasms' and also asking for support from prospective voters at the ballot box for the October 29 elections

Catalina Jaramillo told media outlets in Colombia that she never approved the released of the video that shows her in bed under the covers with her boyfriend while asking voters for support in her quest for a seat in the Antioquia department's congress

‘She spent a night with a spectacular full moon, asking for this assembly to be a reality for women and for the peasantry. So don’t forget, vote for the Assembly, Green Party, the one with the sunflower, number 74. Goodbye.’

A mother to a young girl, Jaramillo ended the recording with her and her boyfriend laughing and sent the now-viral video to her campaign staff via a WhatsApp group chat September 1.

The Antioquia assembly candidate, who is seeking her first seat in public office, took to Facebook to express her concerns over the video. 

‘Within the campaign we are going to do all the investigations and all the procedures to find out what happened and I ask all my voters and followers for a lot of understanding with this situation of which I was a victim,’ she wrote. 

Catalina Jaramillo said she does not regret recording a video of her in bed with her boyfriend in which she references herself in the third-person and asks for voter support, although claim the footage was not part of her campaign

Colombian congressional hopeful Catalina Jaramillo said an investigation is under way to determine who leaked the viral video

In an interview with the news portal El Colombia, Jaramillo argued that the video was released without her permission and that any video courting voters always includes the campaign’s watermark.

However, she did stop short of saying she regretted recording the footage that may have been kept private.

‘It makes me laugh, because there are very moralistic people,’ Jaramillo told Blue Radio in another interview. 

‘But I am not showing any intimate part nor am I speaking vulgar, orgasms are part of sexuality and the rights that women and men have.’ 


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