Tourist jumps into Elvis Presley’s pool at Graceland and is kicked out

Shocking moment tourist jumps into Elvis Presley’s swimming pool at Graceland before being kicked out – and his wife hits back at horrified fans: ‘That’s what the pool is meant for’

  • Tommy Purcell leapt from the diving board at the crooner’s historical estate
  •  He was escorted away by security while his wife filmed the ordeal
  • She fired back at critics online, insisting that they were ‘just jealous’ 

This is the shocking moment a British tourist jumped into the pool at Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate before being escorted away by security.

Video revealed how Tommy Purcell stepped over a low gate with a sign reading ‘RESTRICTED AREA: Do Not Enter’ and strode over to the pool, already shirtless.

He then placed one foot shakily on the diving board, prompting a female security guard to run towards him. Before she could reach him, he leapt into the pool with his shorts and sneakers on.

The holidaymaker was slammed by furious online critics over his ‘disrespectful’ behaviour, prompting his wife to hit back, alleging the late singer wouldn’t have wanted him to be arrested.

The incident is the latest example of British tourists acting poorly while abroad. 

Tommy Purcell jumped into the pool during a visit to Elvis Presley's historic Graceland manor while his wife recorded the stunt and laughed

Purcell was in pool for mere seconds before a security guard hopped the fence and hurried over to escort him out

In the following video, Murphy giggled offscreen as a female voice said: ‘You’re not allowed in there! You’re not allowed to do that!’

‘You serious?’ Purcell said as he strolled over to rejoin the onlookers.

‘Elvis didn’t stop anyone!’ Murphy said.

Purcell was then seen walking alongside a male guard, still shirtless and sporting wet hair.

‘Make me famous, please. Make me famous,’ the guard said as Murphy angled the camera at him.

The videos were viewed 14 million and 2 million times respectively.

In another TikTok, captioned ‘Yes I drove on Elvis driveway,’ Murphy filmed while Purcell drove his pickup truck up the tree-lined driveway in front of the house.

A security guard was seen heading towards the car before the video cut off.

The series of videos prompted backlash from people online, who condemned the couple for being entitled and inconsiderate.

Murphy singled out one comment that read: ‘How is this funny? People are so disrespectful and I hope he got arrested.’

She hid her face partially offscreen while she insisted that it wasn’t disrespectful to jump into a pool.

‘Elvis caught someone jumping in his pool once and never stopped them. He never got them arrested, told them to stay in the pool,’ she said.

‘We did get escorted because they don’t want anyone else to get the idea to jump into it. And we weren’t banned, so, yeah. How is that disrespectful?’

She added: ‘By the way, we love Elvis,’ and ended the video blaming the commenter for being ‘jealous.’

A different member of staff then led Purcell away. Purcell was still shirtless, playing with his chlorine-soaked hair in the video

The crooner’s old home in Memphis, Tennessee was designated a National Historical Landmark in 2006.

The cheapest tickets for tours began at just under $80 in 2023. Visitors could purchase VIP tickets starting at $135.

The couple also paid a visit to the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum where they posed in front of the singer’s cherry red MG car. 

It didn’t appear to be their first visit to Graceland. Months before the pool incident, Murphy uploaded a video captioned ‘Elvis daughter funeral.’

She pouted for the camera before panning to the Meditation Garden memorial set up for Lisa Marie Presley, the singer’s only child.

Murphy and Purcell tied the knot in May and held a ceremony at Legacy Castle in Pompton Plains, New Jersey.

The young couple then travelled across the Midwest and South, visiting landmarks like the Home Alone House and posing with cowboy hats in Nashville.

While Purcell keeps a low profile online, Murphy posts frequently on TikTok, and in one post claims she hails from the UK. 

The couple married May 16 at Legacy Castle in New Jersey. Purcell and Murphy both hail from the UK

Murphy uploads pictures in dark makeup and skimpy outfits, showing off designer accessories like Gucci belts and Louis Vuitton bags

She visited Graceland around the time of Lisa Marie Presley's death and is seen here in a photo captioned 'Elvis house and plane'

She has accrued over 20,000 followers on the app, where her profile picture features an image of Jesus.

She posts videos of herself heavily made up, wearing midriff-bearing tops and flexing designer accessories.

One video shows three Christian Louboutin bags, each costing upwards of $1,000, along with the caption: ‘Thanks to the hubby.’


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