Trans activist ‘defecated in teen girl’s car’ over transphobia claims

Portland trans activist ‘destroyed and defecated inside teen girl’s car over ‘transphobia’ claims: Car towed away because it was considered a ‘biohazard’

  • Vivien Shemansky, 44, faces a slew of charges following the vile act
  • The transgender activist allegedly defecated and destroyed a teen’s car
  • The victim’s mom slammed woke Portland politics for endangering he daughter 

A Portland transgender activist faces a slew of charges for allegedly defecating and ransacking a teen girl’s car after claiming she was ‘transphobic.’

Vivian Shemansky, 44, allegedly flew into a frenzy after the 17-year-old, Jade, parked near her tent in a parking lot on August 27. After Shemansky allegedly first threw a stick at her, the teen returned to her car after just 10 minutes to find it covered in human waste with every window smashed.

The teen’s mother, Lisa Thomasson, told The Post Millenial that her daughter was ‘in tears’ when she discovered her destroyed car, which was written off due to the disgusting act as cops deemed it a ‘biohazard.’ 

Sergeant Kevin Allen with the Portland Police told that Shemansky already had two warrants out for her arrest when she was taken into custody, but Thomasson claimed she was released the same day as she awaits a court date. 

SHocking footage revealed the car covered in human waste and shattered glass

The victim's mother said she doesnt 'have words to describe that feeling' after she discovered the vile act, which totalled the car as it was deemed a 'biohazard'

The nauseating incident comes as residents in Portland, Oregon consistently condemn how woke policies have caused widespread homelessness and open-air drug taking.

Thomasson, 45, said she hardly recognizes the city despite living in the metro her whole life, lamenting how a soft-on-crime approach put her daughter in severe danger.

‘I just thought what could have happened to my child if that person took the frustration out on her,’ she said. 

‘There’s no accountability for people that are breaking the law. It’s putting our community and the home we grew up in in jeopardy.’

Allen told that police were called to the scene after reports of vandalism, where Jade told them she parked her car and left it ‘for a short time.’ 

As she left to go thrift shopping, a GoFundMe account set up by her mother to repair the ruined car says she realized she had accidentally parked next to a tent in the parking lot. 

She claims a stick was thrown at her, which left her ‘a little confused’ as led her to ‘pick up her pace’ across the parking lot. After only stopping for a bite to eat for 10 minutes, when she returned to her car she saw her windshield had been shattered.

Before investigating further, she called 911 thinking that was the extent of the damage. As cops arrived, she realized her car had been targeted by the disgusting act. 

‘Her car was smashed at all four sides. Every piece of glass was shattered. There was human waste throughout the entire car,’ Thomasson wrote. ‘I still don’t have words to describe that feeling.’ 

She added that police seized a metal steering lock that is believed to have been used in the attack.  

Vivien Shemansky holds a long rap sheet that involves a slew of arrests and two prior convictions, and had two warrants out for her arrest at the time of the alleged vandalism

Shemansky has documented her struggles with gender dysphoria on social media, often slamming 'cisgender bigots' in her posts

Thomasson added that three days before the attack on her daughter’s car, the vehicle’s back window was broken in a smash-and-grab theft, which she feels is a prime example of the city’s out of control crime epidemic. 

We should be able to feel safe in the city we grew up in,’ she added. 

Jade reportedly identified Shemansky to police after the incident, and footage showed a suspect being hauled away by police in a low-cut crop top and shorts. 

Shemansky, born Eric Neil Bowen, was swiftly released from the jail on a ‘monitored pretrial release’ after being booked into the central precinct for only a few hours.

The lenient response is in keeping with Portland’s woke policing after its force struggled in the wake of the ‘defund the police’ movement. The city has one of the worst crime rates in the nation, and official statistics show there have been over 13,000 cases of vandalism and 60,000 property thefts from July 2022 to July 2023.

Footage captured the moment Shamansky was hauled away by police after allegedly defacating and smashing the teenager's car

Shemansky, who appears to be a vagrant, frequently shares bizarre music sessions on social media while playing a guitar, with one of her instruments (not pictured) emblazoned with a note reading 'f*** your fascist beauty standards'

The hasty release also comes despite Shemansky having a lengthy rap sheet, including several prior convictions.

In September 2015, she was convicted of felony assault on a public safety officer, and in March 2019, she was convicted again of felony fourth-degree assault and was sentenced to a year in prison. It is unclear if this sentence was carried out or if she was granted an early release. 

She also reportedly fell foul of the law while going as Eric Bowen, and in October 2012 she was allegedly arrested and charged with felony rioting before the case was dismissed by a judge. 

In one post from her Instagram account, Shemansky condemns doctors for not granting her 'fat grafting surgery' as it isn't considered gender confirming surgery

Shemansky frequently rants about transphobia and has documented her transition on social media, including a post slamming doctors for not granting her a ‘fat graft’ as it wasn’t considered gender confirming surgery. 

On her Instagram bio, Shemansky says she is a ‘trans girl hear (sic) in a world of transphobia’, adding that she wears her ‘heart on my sleeve & I am a bit of a sleaze.’ 

Other posts show her condemn ‘cisgender transphobic bigots’, with one saying: ‘If you think being a woman is all about haveing (sic) a vagina Then (sic) you don’t know sh*** about being a woman!’

The account also includes bizarre hour-long music recordings, including some where she plays a guitar with a note saying: ‘F*** your fascist beauty standards.’

Shemansky’s grand jury indictment is scheduled for September 19, and she faces charges of felony first-degree criminal mischief, felony unauthorized use of a vehicle, second-degree criminal mischief and second-degree disorderly conduct.


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