Trump’s approval rating down to 16-month low while midterm voters are split on Congress: New poll

Trump’s approval rating trickles down to 16-month low just as the ex-president revs up his midterm campaign rallies: New poll shows voters are SPLIT between sending Democrats and Republicans to Congress

  • A new NBC News poll shows Donald Trump’s favorability rating as 34 percent
  • Meanwhile President Joe Biden’s job approval rating ticked up to 45 percent
  • Both rivals have a disapproval/unfavorability rating above 50 percent
  • It comes as both hit the campaign trail for midterm candidates in November 

Donald Trump‘s approval rating has sunk to its lowest point since April 2021, a new poll suggests on Sunday, just days after the ex-president announced two new campaign events for candidates he’s endorsed in the midterms.

The tides appear to be shifting there too, the NBC News survey suggests, with Republicans and Democrats now deadlocked in Congressional preferences after months of GOP dominance. 

Trump is fresh off of one of his signature Make America Great Again rallies on Saturday night. He was in Youngstown, Ohio to stump for Senate candidate JD Vance as well as three hopefuls for the House of Representatives.

But Sunday’s NBC News poll suggests that his appeal may be fading across the country, even despite a recent boost in support seen in other surveys since the FBI‘s Mar-a-Lago raid.

Thirty-four percent of respondents said they view Trump positively, while 54 percent said the opposite.

In a nod to his divisive nature, the two largest shares of voters said they view him ‘very’ negatively and ‘very’ positively at 46 and 20 percent, respectively.

It comes on the heels of the former president announcing two more rallies in the next two weeks, signaling an uptick in his campaign appearances. 

Donald Trump's approval rating is the lowest it's been in 16 months, according to a new poll

Donald Trump’s approval rating is the lowest it’s been in 16 months, according to a new poll

This coming Friday, Trump will be in North Carolina where his endorsement skyrocketed House Rep. Ted Budd to victory in a contentious GOP Senate primary.

He’ll be in Michigan the week after, where Trump has targeted incumbent Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer with support for political commentator-turned-candidate Tudor Dixon.

And with yesterday’s event in Ohio, Trump will have held three rallies in three weeks. 

His arch-rival, President Joe Biden, has also returned to the campaign trail with a blaze of enthusiasm. 

After months of dismal ratings, the Democratic commander-in-chief actually saw an increase in his job approval in NBC’s Sunday poll.

The latest poll shows he’s backed by 45 percent of voters, a slight increase from 42 percent in the previous two surveys in August and May.

However, like Trump, Biden is also generally underwater – his job disapproval rating is 52 percent.

Sunday’s poll also appears to upend projections of a decisive ‘red wave’ in Congress this year, as is generally expected halfway through a president’s first term. 

In August it showed Republicans favored by one percent, but now both parties are deadlocked at 46 percent each.

Just eight percent said they were unsure – indicating the margins in House and Senate could be close.

It was split along the same lines in May.

Overall, however, voters are not warming to Democrats because of any significant shift in outlook on the country.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents believe the country is off on the wrong track, a significant share but a slight decrease from 74 percent in August.

Of those who said it was off on the wrong track, the largest plurality by far attributed it to the state of the economy – amid continued warnings of a looming recession. 

Forty-one percent chose the economy and inflation as the top issue facing the country, of those who said it’s on the wrong track. The second-most, 16 percent, blamed political division.


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