Twitter’s New Reactions Are Too Friendly for Twitter – Gizmodo

Twitter Teases Facebook-Esque Emoji Reacts

Twitter actually did begin plans to formally roll out a wider emoji variety—including a side-eyed emoji, a party hat, and a bright read “100,”—back in 2015, but nixed those tests not long after. This slimmer emoji roster, Twitter says, came from the company’s attempt to “find emoji that are universally recognizable and represent what people want to express about Tweets.”

To figure that out, Twitter conducted surveys, looked at commonly used emojis across the site, and tried to figure out the “top emotions” that Tweeters wanted to express on the site across different cultures. Among those emotions, per Twitter, were “joy,” “interest,” “sadness,” “agreement,” and “curiosity,” which gives us the roster we’re seeing in Turkey right now. “Frustration,” and “anger” were apparently on the list too, but didn’t make the cut; ostensibly due to the company’s attempts to nudge users away from the Toxic Twitter convos we know and loathe. But depending on how this test is received, who knows—maybe we’ll see some middle-finger reactions on our feeds sometime in the future.


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