Two travel essentials to prepare for flights

A travel expert has shared the two items she always takes from hotel rooms before a flight.

Kashlee Kucheran, from Canada, goes on more than 100 flights each year and to make the journey more comfortable she relies on two free hotel essentials. 

The holiday pro, who’s the CEO of media agency Travel Off Path, ensures she packs slippers to wear on the flight and a shower cap to prevent dirty shoes from touching clean clothes. 

‘No matter what, you will always find me with both items in my luggage at all times,’ Kashlee captioned a TikTok video. 

Kashlee Kucheran, from Canada, has shared her go-to tips when preparing for flights. She always takes free slippers and shower cap from hotels

Kashlee said most airlines will provide socks for long-haul flights, but not slippers unless travelling in first class. 

The travel pro encouraged other passengers to use the slippers because the floor on planes is usually filthy. 

‘If you have a long-haul flight coming up, most airlines will give you socks for long flights,’ she said, adding: ‘But they are super thin and trust me you don’t want to wear them to the bathroom.’

‘If you brought hotel slipper you can confidently walk around the plane with them instead.’

Hotel guests are also usually offered a range of complimentary items – such as shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and hand wash – which can come in handy when travelling.

The holiday pro ensures she packs slippers because plane floors are often filthy

She also packs a shower cap to cover the bottom of dirty shoes

In addition to slippers, the savvy traveller recommends using the shower cap too – but not in a way you may think.  

Kashlee uses the bathroom item to cover the bottom of her shoes. 

‘These are an amazing way to keep your dirty shoes from touching the rest of your clothes especially when you are making a quick change at the airport and you need to put them in your luggage,’ she said. 

‘They cover all the dirty parts of the shoe like a charm.’

Alternatively a plastic bag or laundry bag could be used.  

'No matter what, you will always find me with both items in my luggage at all times,' Kashlee said

The video has since gone viral and others thanked Kashlee for sharing the lesser-known tips.  

‘I’m a pilot and these hacks are genius!! especially the shoes,’ one commented. 

‘I do the same with the slippers, didn’t think about the shower cap cover for shoes,’ another said. 

A third wrote: ‘Never take shower caps, because I have no use for it. Now I will.’  

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