Ute swerves toward group waving Israel flag

Shocking footage has captured the moment a Toyota HiLux ute seemingly swerved onto a footpath narrowly missing Israel supporters. 

Video of the incident unfolding in Caulfield, east Melbourne, was shared by Jewish advocate Menachem Vorchheimer on Monday.

The short clip shows a man and woman jumping from the side of the road where a group of protesters were holding Israeli flags on Friday night.

As they stepped back, the ute half-mounted the curb before continuing down the road.

Shocking footage has captured the moment a Toyota HiLux ute seemingly swerved onto a footpath narrowly missing Israel supporters

Mr Vorchheimer questioned whether police were investigating the act

‘You can see the car driven by pro-Palestinian thugs not only swerved towards the Jewish people, but actually mounted the footpath,’ he said.

A Victoria Police spokesman confirmed to Daily Mail Australia it received reports about the incident on Saturday. 

‘Officers were told a HiLux ute, half mounted a kerb on Hawthorn Road, Caulfield and drove at a man and a woman on 10 November, about 7.05pm,’ he said.

‘A 46-year-old Armadale man and a 55-year-old St Kilda East woman, who were standing on the footpath at the time, moved out of the way of the HiLux to avoid being struck before the vehicle drove away.

‘The pair were uninjured during the incident.

‘Anyone who witnessed the incident, with CCTV or dashcam footage is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.’

Caulfield, an epicentre for Australia’s Jewish community, has become a hub of protests between Israeli and Palestinian protesters since war broke out between the two Middle Eastern states in early October.

Tension between the two opposing protest groups reached boiling point on Friday following a fire at a pro-Palestine burger shop, Burgertory, on Thursday.

Tensions in Caulfield, a centre for the Australian Jewish community, reached breaking point on Friday after a pro-Palestine burger shop (above) was burnt down

Caulfield, in Melbourne (above), has become a hub for protests between Israel and Palestine supporters in the last month

Police are investigating the ‘suspicious’ fire but said it does not believe the incident was racially or politically motivated.

However, several pro-Palestine protesters in the community have labelled the fire as  an anti-Palestine hate crime.

A group of Palestine supporters were seen arguing with several people outside the burnt remains of Burgertory on Friday afternoon.

Caulfield residents, many of which of still mourning the deaths of loved ones killed in Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7, called the Palestinian presence insensitive.

However, Palestine supporters defended similar demonstrations as necessary to help stop incessant bombings in Gaza – which has been called a genocide.

Victoria Police said several people were arrested at the scene.


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