VIDEO: Dubs bench goes nuts as Robert Covington forgets how to dribble on open lay-up – ClutchPoints

The Golden State Warriors hosted the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday, as the Dubs looked to mark their third win of the season. Incidentally, the matchup featured a Shaqtin-a-fool moment from Blazers forward Robert Covington, which unsurprisingly had the entire Warriors bench going insane.

Here’s a look at the play in question, which clearly shows Covington committing a travelling violation on a fast break attempt (h/t BBALLBREAKDOWN):

You can clearly see in the replay that Covington had both hands on the ball before he decided to dribble it again. The entire Warriors bench caught the violation, so it’s a bit of a mystery how all three game officials missed it.

As fate would have it, though, Covington ended up missing the wide-open layup, with Golden State taking possession of the ball shortly after.

The Warriors are coming off a 123-98 blowout loss against the Blazers on Friday, and Sunday’s contest was an opportunity to avenge what was another disappointing defeat for the Dubs. Golden State superstar Stephen Curry looked like a man on a mission for this one, exploding for 31 points in the first half, as the former back-to-back MVP continues to carry much of the load for a struggling Warriors side.

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