Watch: Dressed as ‘Cousin Eddie’, US man uses flamethrower to clear snow from his driveway – The Indian Express

With most areas of the United States covered in a “white blanket” and reeling under freezing temperatures, a Kentucky man came up with an unconventional way to clear the snow covering his driveway.

Timothy Browning left onlookers shocked when he carried a flamethrower to his driveway to clear the snow. If that was not enough to turn heads, his attire of a white bathrobe, socks, slippers and a hat — recreating Cousin Eddie from the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” — also invited chuckles from netizens.

“Browning snow services removal now available!” says the woman capturing Browning’s act on camera as he continues to use the flamethrower on the ice. Here, take a look:

Another resident of the area also caught the incident on camera and shared them online. The clip was later shared by former basketball player Rex Chapman along with a caption that read, “My man is not for the shovelling…”

While his attire grabbed eyeballs, it was his method of removing the snow that was the hot topic of discussion among netizens.


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