What Disney guests REALLY thought about Star Wars hotel

‘A dream come true’ or ‘overpriced with hard beds and thin walls’? What Disney super fans REALLY thought about Star Wars hotel that is set to close just a year after opening

  • Disney World’s expensive Star Wars hotel is closing after just one year 
  • The two-night ‘voyage’  aboard the Galactic Starcruiser cost guests up to $20,000 for the experience 
  • One review said that the walls of their room where thin and the beds hard, but others were brought to tears by the realness of the hotel

Many Disney and Star Wars fans have been left devastated after news broke that the immersive Star Wars hotel would be shutting its doors later this year.

But to others, it will come as little surprise after claiming all along that a visit to the  hotel was simply not worth the hefty price tag.

The hotel, which opened in March 2022 in the Orlando-area to much fanfare and sold out ‘voyages,’ charges guests anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 for an immersive two-night experience. 

In one review, park enthusiasts Taylor Jaxson and Sarah Pineda, who go by the name @themeparkbesties, said that while they enjoyed aspects of it, their trip was not worth the money. 

In an Instagram post at the time of their stay, the two claimed the beds were hard, they had only been given ‘a single, sleeping bag type blanket’ and the walls and door were so thin they could hear everything go on around them. 

The duo, who go by the name themeparkbesties on social media, said that while they did enjoy the experience it was not worth the money

In an Instagram story, they said that the bed they slept one was and that the walls in the hotel were thin

The two ultimately decided it was not worth the money at all

The duo praised the food, the staff and the drinks but criticized the price of the whole experience saying it was not worth the price tag. 

However, many super fans were blown away by their experiences.  

One overwhelmed visitor, known only as Megan, shared footage of herself in tears after arriving at the Starcruiser hotel. 

In a TikTok summary of her experience, she says: ‘I took two steps on board and immediately started crying.

‘It was all so real, I loved the theming [in the cabin]. I was freaking out.’

Megan also details the activities as part of the experience and is clearing enjoying herself in the video. 

She continues: ‘This is a literal dream come true, I never thought I’d see anything like this in person. 

‘I had the best day of my life and I cannot wait to come back.’

The immersive lodging, which is based in Orlando – and does not have any windows – will carry out its final ‘voyages’ in September, four years after it was announced at D23 Expo in 2019 as part of the park’s $1 billion Star Wars land. 

One woman, known only as Megan, can be seen wiping away tears after being overwhelmed with the experience

A Starcruiser cabin with bunkbeds. The first-of-its-kind adventure is pricey, starting at $4,809 for two guests

On Tripadvisor, one person said it was a ‘total rip off’ and that it would be better to stay in a motel.

The unknown poster, who went to the hotel in August last year, wrote: ‘It was a total rip off! Its better to stay at a motel. 

‘Very limited food both quantity and variety, was more like we were in a jail. 

‘I am a Disney fan and I know Disney is expensive, but they normally give you something for your money. 

‘This Starwars Galactic cruise is a robbery, you are paying 5000$ for a family of 4, for nothing.’