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WhatsApp, the instant messaging application owned by Meta, continues to implement new features in recent times. The most recent one, in fact, will allow users to pin up to three messages within the same conversation or group chat, multiplying by three the content that can be kept temporarily or permanently at the top of a chat.

This measure can be especially useful in those groups where organization is also an important process, or because it is useful to be able to permanently fix specific content that is of interest to users. Therefore, this new improvement of WhatsApp once again represents an improvement in quality of life for users of this application.

Three pinned messages in the same chat

Just as WhatsApp already states on its website through the frequently asked questions tab, platform users will now be able to pin up to three messages simultaneously within the same chat. Until now, the limit was only one message per conversation, so thanks to this change, now three times as many messages can be pinned.

Pinning is a function that is increasingly present in various applications and social networks, since, in many cases, there are messages that we want to keep always present for a while. Thanks to pinning, users can organize themselves more efficiently, and with the increase of three pinned messages, WhatsApp users will be able to increase their management capacity.

The eventful roadmap of WhatsApp

In recent months, Meta has shown a wide range of innovations regarding WhatsApp, which demonstrates that the company does not want to relax too much, despite remaining as the most widely used instant messaging application worldwide. The recent improvement of pinning up to three messages, in this way, joins many other updates and changes that WhatsApp has carried out to improve user satisfaction.

In this way, some of the most recent updates of WhatsApp have provided users with elements such as a new interface, advances in encryption to comply with DMA guidelines, and it is also working on changes that are not yet ready, such as the creation of a tab for favorite chats and users that works independently from the ability to pin conversations at the top of the WhatsApp feed.

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