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Los Santos in GTA Online is currently under a heavy layer of snow, and to a lot of players, it is the best time to play the game. But much like snow in real life, it is not exactly conducive to a skid-free driving experience in the game.

GTA Online players have grown accustomed to and even fond of the heavy snowfall in the game this time of the year, but sadly (or not), it is not here to stay. Every holiday season, Rockstar drops the “Festive Surprise” update, but this year it was simply called “Holidays 2020.”

During this time, GTA Online experiences snowfall, and players receive a bunch of festive-themed cosmetics as well as other bonuses. The update was released on December 22nd and will probably continue for the coming week.

Snow in GTA Online

Rockstar Games usually keeps snow around in the game for a couple of weeks or so with no definitive dates. According to Rockstar, players can avail their bonuses like the free Brioso 300 until December 30th.

However, the snow is likely to stay for New Year’s Eve and will probably be here until the first week of 2021. So, for players who despise snow entirely, it will not be long before it eventually goes away with a weekly update.

Currently, GTA Online players can rush to the SSA Super Autos website and claim a free Brioso 300. Other new cars available in the game include the Itali RSX, which is one of the newest sports cars in GTA Online as part of the Cayo Perico Heist.

For players who enjoy snowball fights, these are the last few days they can get into fights with their friends and crew or even other players in GTA Online.

Published 28 Dec 2020, 17:23 IST


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