When wedding proposals go BAD!

A wedding proposal can be one of the most memorable and special moments of a person’s life.

So why not share that moment with the public?

Well, because you could fall flat on your face and be left humilated.

People tying the knot is a multi-million-pound industry, but a new burgeoning business is in wedding proposals.

People are spending an average of £2,500 to proposal planners to help set up and record their declarations for social media.

One couple spent £165,000 to hire Disneyland Paris and project their faces on the side of a castle, The Times reported.

The well meaning gesture sparked fury online as people accused the man proposing of stealing the bride and groom's spotlight

A Melbourne man proposed to his girlfriend as she got her diploma during a graduation ceremony

Commentator Clementine Ford, pictured, accused the Melbourne man of 'stealing a woman's moment' by proposing to his girlfriend as she got her graduation certificate

But there are times when it can all go wrong and your public display could even make people turn on you for trying to steal the spotlight.

Sometimes people propose at other people’s weddings or graduation ceremonies, which can infuriate their fellow guests.

For example, somebody posted on Reddit a photograph of a man proposing at a wedding, in front of the bride and groom.

The picture was viewed by more than a million people which caused outrage.

Someone with the user name called Alliewonka said: ‘Honestly I feel kinda bad for the girl being proposed to more than the bride, she’s being proposed to at someone else’s big day, he hasn’t made it personal for her at all but I guess she seems ok with it haha.’

In October last year, a man was left humiliated after proposing in front of thousands of people in New York at a hockey game.

During an NHL game between the New York Islanders and the Florida Panthers, the ‘kiss cam’ focussed in on a man who then went down on one knee, without wearing a top for some reason, and popped the question.

The crowd around him started to chant ‘just say no’.

The man proposed in the middle of a hockey match with the words 'PLZ SAY YES' written on his shirt

The crowd around him started to chant 'just say no' and it seemed to have an affect on the blushing girl

Absolutely cringeworthy: The woman quickly made her escape leaving the man crestfallen

After a few moments of deliberation, the girl whispered in his ear and ran off to the top of the steps, leaving her boyfriend crestfallen.

NHL journalist Dan Rosen tweeted: ‘Kiss cam time and a guy takes off his shirt and written on his chest is “PLZ SAY YES YES YES.” He gets down on one knee and proposes.

‘Camera cuts away. But I could see them from the press box. The girl got up and left. She flat out left. And the Panthers scored. Can’t make it up.’

Also, an Australian man was slammed for ‘stealing’ his girlfriend’s moment as she graduated from LaTrobe University in Melbourne.

In a video posted on social media, the unnamed man entered the stage at the exact moment his girlfriend celebrated her graduation while carrying her scroll.

The man said, ‘I love you with all my heart’, before he dropped to one knee and proposed.

Online, people were outraged with feminist commentator Clementine Ford saying: ‘People stop this. Stop doing this,” she said in a piece to camera.

‘That is her moment. You have taken her moment from her that she can never get back. Why do men do this?’

LaTrobe University said it made ‘an error of judgment’ and that the proposal ‘detracted’ from the students’ academic celebration.

In another excrutiating incident, a man was left red-faced after his romantic proposal in a McDonald’s queue at the fast food chain’s Sandton branch in Johannesburg, South Africa.

While proposing in a restaurant is a classic method, a greasy fast-food burger joint may not necessarily have the same impact.

A man got down on one knee while his girlfriend was standing in front of him in a Maccies queue, and filmed the entire thing with more than 3.7million views.

But, it went viral for the wrong reasons as it was a spectacular fail as she simply shook her head and waited for him to stand back up again.

He refused and eventually, she dropped her order on the side and walked away furiously.

A grab from the video showing the man while attempting to propose beforte he was rejected

Footage shows the man down on one knee while holding out a ring box while the woman orders at the till at the fast food chain's Sandton branch in Johannesburg, South Africa

Psychologist, Sex and Relationships Adviser, Barbara Santini, told Mail Online that the rising trend could “commodify” what should be an intimate moment between two people.

She said: ‘Public proposals carry the inherent risk of transforming an intensely personal moment into a performance, which can be fraught with unintended consequences, both emotionally and psychologically.

‘The rise of ‘proposal planners’ and the increasing sums spent on making public proposals more extravagant could also signify a shifting focus from the relationship itself to the spectacle surrounding it.

‘This can inadvertently commodify a life-altering decision, reducing it to a social media moment rather than a thoughtful, intimate commitment between two people.’

Ms Santini warned that there were also darker psychological aspects to public proposals as it creates immense social pressure.

She added: ‘There’s a dimension of social manipulation in public proposals, intentional or not. By asking such a life-altering question in a public setting, one could be leveraging social pressure to encourage a “yes.” This complicates the consent involved in the agreement to marry, which should be free of coercion.

‘Public proposals also raise questions about emotional authenticity. When an intimate moment is shared with an audience, it introduces the potential for behaviour and reactions that are performative rather than genuine.

‘This can be unsettling when applied to something as serious as a marriage proposal, which should ideally be a transparent and genuine exchange between two people.

‘For those who feel that the pros outweigh the cons, public proposals can indeed be a joyous, memorable occasion. However, the couple should have a mutual understanding and agreement about taking such a private decision into the public sphere.

‘Like any other grand romantic gesture, public proposals work best when they are the result of thoughtful consideration and mutual enthusiasm, rather than an attempt to fulfil societal expectations or to create a viral moment.’

Meanwhile, Tautvydas Sutkus, attorney for Glow Bar London, warned that there are legal implications to a public proposal.

Speaking to Mail Online, he said: ‘A public proposal isn’t just a personal or emotional decision; it’s one that carries a set of legal implications that you would do well to consider. Balancing the law with love may not be the most romantic idea, but it is a pragmatic one that could save you a world of complications down the line.

‘Should you employ ‘proposal planners’ or book a public venue, you’re entering into a legal contract. If things don’t go as planned (let’s say, your intended flees the scene), you may still be on the hook for any costs or even damages, depending on your contractual obligations.

‘Imagine proposing publicly and getting a ‘no.’ Then imagine this video going viral, affecting your social and professional life. If the other party decided to speak out negatively about you, there might be potential for defamation suits, especially if their statements are false and harm your reputation.

‘If a proposal is made publicly and is declined, the question of who keeps the engagement ring can become a contentious issue. In some jurisdictions, engagement rings are considered “conditional gifts,” provided under the condition that the marriage will occur. A public refusal could muddy these waters, particularly if the refusal is caught on tape.’

Even romance novelist Jilly Cooper is against the idea, describing it as ‘awful’ because it pressures the person being proposed to.

But, the rise in public proposals is rising. In fact, even the Port Lympne Hotel and Animal Reserve in Kent offers a proposal package.

For just £550, you can propose to your special loved one in a zoo.

A spokesperson said: ‘At Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve we offer a proposal package offering an unforgettable and special moment for the happy couple.

‘We guarantee the proposal will go as smoothly as possible in the total privacy and tranquillity of the Moroccan Courtyard or Garden Pergola.

‘Creating the perfect beautiful backdrop to pop the question. The package includes a one-hour hire of either private location, a bottle of Gusbourne sparkling wine and a private Ranger Safari for two around the 600-acre safari wild animal savannah.’


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