Whitney Port flashes a smile as she picks up a smoothie in LA

Whitney Port flashes a smile as she picks up a smoothie in LA… after opening up to fans about her unintentional weight loss

Whitney Port looked as if she didn’t have a care in the world in Los Angeles on Saturday as she happily carried two large smoothies. 

The 38-year-old star of The Hills let her long chestnut brown locks loose around her shoulders as she rocked a simple white tank top and blue jeans. 

She hid her eyes behind a pair of black sunglasses, carrying a purse in one arm. 

Port — who recently shared more insight on her dramatic weight loss — kept her makeup minimal, wearing only a thin necklace as her main piece of jewelry. 

Rounding out the television personality’s look were a pair of sensible chunky black sandals. 

Grinning girl: Whitney Port couldn't stop smiling as she grabbed two large smoothies in Los Angeles weeks after she opened up to fans about her weight loss; seen Saturday

Staying strong: The former star of The Hills looked content as she checked her phone during a day out in Los Angeles

The weight loss drama began when the Whitney Eve fashion line founder’s husband, Tim Rosenman, expressed concern about her weight, saying that he’d find her more attractive if she gained 10-15 pounds. 

Following the backlash surrounding his comments, the television producer joined his wife on an episode of her With Whit podcast to clarify, with the couple claiming his comments had been ‘blown out of proportion.’ 

While he realized that she was in fine health based on her blood test results that he had seen, Tim was concerned that, ‘[Whitney] had some kind of strained relationship with food, with appearance from being in the public eye.’ 

Paying attention to the growing concern about her weight loss, the Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model host revealed on a newer episode of her podcast that she had visited with a nutritionist. 

Explaining that it felt ‘validating’ that the nutritionist agreed with her that she didn’t have an eating disorder, Whitney went in depth about the nutritionist’s detailed prognosis. 

According to the Almost Royal star, the nutritionist believed that she was exhibiting symptoms of ‘disordered eating’ due to ‘neurovegetative depression.’ 

 The Hills: New Beginnings starlet agreed with the diagnosis, adding that, ‘I think it’s just all these underlying things that have slowly chipped away at some self-confidence adding to a little bit of what [runs in my family].’ 

She continued with, ‘I think that’s affecting my weight and my food intake.’ 

The Previously on the Screviously co-host also blamed her ‘ripped up esophagus’ (a result from an illness) from preventing her from putting weight back on.  

Girl on the go: Eager to put the ongoing weight loss drama aside, Whitney enjoyed a fun day out in a pair of white capris, black heels and a black blouse earlier this week

Little black dress: The social media influencer has vowed to gain weight in a healthy way following ongoing concern about her weight loss

Beauty in the black dress: Whitney has been staying busy amid the weight loss drama, attending events for New York Fashion Week among other activities and documenting it all for her Instagram followers

Doting husband: Whitney and Tim set the record straight about his comments regarding her weight loss on a recent episode of With Whit, where Tim explained that he was concerned she was letting life in the public eye get to her

While Whitney has devoted herself to gaining weight in a healthy manner, according to comments she made on her podcast, she hit back at Instagram followers who still made comments about her body

”I’m so over this conversation about my body being had without me,’ she wrote after someone made a comment about her weight in a little black dress she wore during New York Fashion Week. 

She added, ‘When I post certain pictures, it’s cause I think the shot was cool. I knew my legs looked skinny on that post, but I also knew it was an angle.’ 

Fed up, the former reality television personality continued to clap back with, ‘Why do I even have to justify this? Instagram has always been a supportive place for me, but the amount of comments about my body is frustrating,’ 


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