Whitney Port steps out with husband Tim Rosenman in Los Angeles

Whitney Port steps out with her husband for first time since revealing she may have ‘neurovegetative depression’… amid weight loss debate

Whitney Port dressed down for an afternoon walk with her husband Tim Rosenman in Los Angeles Wednesday. 

It was the first public outing for the former star of The Hills since she revealed that she had seen a nutritionist who didn’t believe she had an eating disorder.

Rather, she may have ‘disordered eating’ due to ‘neurovegetative depression.’ 

The 38-year-old kept her ensemble casual, wearing a simple purple sweatshirt with contrasting grey sweatpants. 

She kept her face hidden behind boxy brown sunglasses, keeping her chestnut brown locks tied back in a low knot. 

Her reality TV producer husband struck a similar casual look, wearing a grey T-shirt, pants of a slightly lighter grey shade, and brown tennis shoes. 

Healing girl era: Whitney Port stepped out for a casual walk in Los Angeles with her husband Tim Rosenman for the first time since she revealed that she had spoken to a nutritionist; seen Wednesday

Staying strong: The couple stayed perfectly in sync as they both rocked similar dressed down ensembles; seen Wednesday

The fashion designer – who previously vowed to see a specialist – opened up about her first appointment with a ‘nutritionist/psychiatrist’ on the latest episode of her podcast With Whit

As she has previously said that she doesn’t believe she has an eating disorder, she found it ‘validating’ that the expert agreed with her.

She explained: ‘I don’t think I have an eating disorder and she didn’t think I had an eating disorder, and that felt really validating.

‘She was like “there may be some disordered eating due to some emotional stuff but I do not think that you have an eating disorder” so that felt really validating.’

The television personality admitted that even if she felt like she didn’t believe she had an eating disorder it was hard to shake that doubt.

Whitney continued: ‘I felt like I could trust myself like I could trust my gut like I wasn’t crazy because I was really scared that I was in denial about how I viewed myself or what was really going on because I pride myself on being a very socially aware person.

‘So it was hard for me because I was like “s*** am I not getting it?” but I feel like I am, I really feel like I am and I feel like I am taking the steps to take care of myself and the hard part for me is going to be consistency.’

Whitney said that the ‘nutritionist/psychiatrist’ suspects that she actually has what is referred to as ‘neurovegetative depression.’

However the star said: ‘I don’t want to put a label on myself, and she didn’t want to put a label on me right away, but she said what it sounded like … is just, like, lethargy, and that all really made sense to me.’

On the road again: The business entrepreneur opened up on her podcast about how meeting with the nutritionist felt 'validating'

Couple goals: The leggy beauty finally sought help from a nutritionist after her fans and husband expressed concern about her weight; seen in August

Reflecting: The former reality television personality has been candid about her struggle with weight on her podcast

Determined to change: Her husband Tim also clarified his comments about how he'd prefer if she gained about 10-15 pounds, noting that he was simply genuinely concerned about her health

‘I think it’s just all these underlying things that have slowly chipped away at some self-confidence adding to a little bit of what [runs in my family]. I think that’s affecting my weight and my food intake.’

Whitney has been open about the process as last week she once again weighed in on concerns about her recent weight loss in more depth than ever before in a previous episode of her podcast With Whit.

She was joined by her husband, who explained his feelings about her significantly slimmed-down figure.

He explained that her original statement that he had expressed concern about her weight and had encouraged her to eat more had been ‘blown out of proportion.’ 


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