Whoopi Goldberg is quarantining with a mystery man amid COVID battle

Whoopi Goldberg reveals she is quarantining with a mystery MAN amid her COVID battle – as she shares health update with fans after missing season premiere of The View

  • Whoopi, 67, was absent from The View’s season premiere due to coronavirus
  • TV host hinted at a man who lives with her and said he is wearing four masks
  • Sister Act star said it might be a ‘couple of days’ before she returns to work

Whoopi Goldberg has revealed she is quarantining with a mystery man after testing positive for COVID – as she shared an update on her illness with fans after missing the season premiere of her talk show The View. 

The View host was noticeably absent from the season 27 premiere on Tuesday, with Joy Behar confirming that the 67-year-old had contracted coronavirus for what is believed to be the third time.

Joy, 80, explained to her co-hosts Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, and Alyssa Farah Griffin that the Sister Act star was ‘on the mend’ but might not be back in the studio until next week.

After an outpouring from fans, a masked-up Whoopi posted a video of herself on Instagram and admitted that she had been ‘confined’ to her room while continuing to test positive.

However, while Whoopi seemed less than impressed about being stuck inside – she did let slip that she isn’t going through the quarantine process alone and actually has a male companion with her, although she neglected to reveal his identity.

Whoopi Goldberg has revealed she is still testing positive for COVID and is quarantining with a mystery man

The 67-year-old took to Instagram and shared a video of herself wearing a face mask

Joy Behar announced the news on Tuesday's show and confirmed that Whoopi is 'on the mend'

Sitting at a desk in what appeared to be a bedroom, Whoopi was dressed in a denim shirt and wore her hair down as she addressed her 1.3 million followers – first of all shutting down rumors that she’d been galivanting across the world on a variety of exotic trips. 

She said: ‘Hey, in spite of everything you’ve heard… and let me just make sure you all know that it’s actually me,’ before pulling her face mask down and adding: ‘See it’s me!

‘I am not at Burning Man, I am not still in Italy, I am not you know doing stuff, I am not trying to change the outcome of the election. I have COVID. I just have COVID.’ 

Referring to the mystery man staying in her home, Whoopi – who has been married and divorced three times – continued: ‘And the reason I’m wearing a mask is because the person who’s here with me doesn’t have COVID.

‘But he actually has on four masks and four pairs of gloves so he doesn’t get it. But here’s the thing, I’m still testing positive apparently.’

Her mention of a male companion comes weeks after she broke her silence on rumors about her sexuality. 

Whoopi went on to admit that she doesn’t know when she’ll be able to return to the daytime talk show, however she expressed her excitement at seeing the ‘new desk’ being used by her co-hosts this season.  

‘I have to have a clear test before I can come back so it might be a couple of days but I’m really thrilled to see the beautiful new desk, I’m really thrilled to see all the beautiful women, you girls look great, and you know I can’t wait to get back and hang out,’ she added.

‘But until then, it’s me and my mask and I’m sort of confined to my room!’ Whoopi laughed.

Whoopi referred to a man who is at her home and said that he is wearing four masks

The outspoken star was all set to lead the season 27 premiere of the ABC show but was forced to miss out

Joy was joined by (L-R) Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin on Tuesday's episode

‘I have never been sent to my room like this at this age, but I have been confined to my room, but I just wanted to say hi and letting everybody know I’ll be there as soon as I can and I’m sending you all great love, can’t wait to get back to our favorite place, The View… so see y’all soon, bye!’

As she lifted the mask back up over her face, Whoopi then joked:  ‘That’s kind of like a drunken mask!’ before signing off and adding: ‘Alright y’all, see you soon!’

Whoopi’s fans were quick to comment on the post and wish her well, with one person writing: ‘Get well soon Whoop!’ 

Another wrote: ‘Whoopi take care. Wishing you well again. We will wait for you.’ A third said: ‘Hilarious even when you’re sick. Prayers lifted for your speedy recovery.’

A fourth fan commented: ‘Hope you feel better Whoopi. Can’t wait to see you on The View.’ A fifth pleaded: ‘Get better because we need your voice on the air!’

Of course, Tuesday’s show still went ahead and Joy decided to address Whoopi’s absence at the top of the show. 

‘As you can see, Whoopi is not here, she has COVID,’ Joy announced as the live studio audience reacted, before adding: ‘Yes. It’s back, it’s back.’

Joy continued: ‘But she’s on the mend, she’s on the tail end. Sorry for those who were looking forward to seeing her.’

The redhead mentioned Whoopi again at the beginning of Wednesday’s show and confirmed it’s the ‘third time’ she has had the virus. 

Ana, Sunny, and Alyssa were very much present for the season 27 premiere of The View

‘So, Whoopi is still under the thing, the COVID weather. Yes, this is her third bout, I believe with it but, you know, people write, “she got the vaccination how come she still gets it?”‘

Clearly feeling frustrated by such a comment, Joy fumed: ‘Because she’s not dead! She’s just a little bit under the weather. You don’t get it and get the disease you might die!’

The show then played Whoopi’s Instagram video for viewers tuning in at home. 

Before sharing the clip, Whoopi had been very quiet on social media over the four-week summer break, with her last post dating back to July 27.

The Sister Act star was also noticeably absent from an event at the end of August to mark her latest career venture.

On Monday, August 28, Whoopi’s daughter Alex Martin and her children – Amara Skye Dean, Mason Dean, and Jerzey Dean – attended the Bella Flora Celebrity Golf Tournament in Laguna Beach, California, but Whoopi was nowhere to be seen. 

Her family were present to support her Cannabis Cactus magazine cover, as the publication was a media partner of the event.

It is unclear if Whoopi was absent because she had already tested positive for COVID.

Whoopi’s admission that she is quarantining with a male companion comes just a few weeks after she confessed she wishes she’d never married – while joking about her ‘boring and expensive’ divorces. 

Whoopi has been divorced three times; her second marriage was to a man named David Claessen in September 1986

She married for a third time in October 1994 to Lyle Trachtenberg

The View host has been divorced a total of three times, with her final marriage to union organizer Lyle Trachtenberg ending in 1995. 

During one of the final episodes of The View’s previous season, the Ghost star admitted that by the time her third marriage was over, she felt it was ‘getting expensive and boring’, hinting that this is one major reason she has never said ‘I do’ again – despite having high-profile romances with actors Timothy Dalton and Ted Danson. 

‘I was never meant to be married,’ she told her fellow panel members. ‘And I know that and I knew that then and I kept trying to do what everybody would say I was supposed to do and then it was like, you know what, “This is getting expensive and boring.”‘

Whoopi’s first marriage was to a drug counselor named Alvin Martin from 1973 until 1979.

After her film career kicked off, she married cinematographer David Claessen in 1986 but it wasn’t meant to be as they were divorced by 1988.

Whoopi married her third and final husband, Lyle Trachtenberg, in 1994 but they split the following year.

Following her third divorce, she had live-in relationships with actor Frank Langella and playwright David Schein.

Her other ex-boyfriends include businessman Michael Visbal, orthodontist Jeffrey Cohen, and camera operator Edward Gold.


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