Wife of cop caught cheating on camera calls out husband and mistress

Wife of Prince George County cop Francesco Marlett caught on camera with other woman has furious row with husband’s mistress on Facebook

  • The wife of the Maryland cop who was caught on camera in a loving embrace with a woman is battling it out on Facebook with her husband’s paramour
  • Officer Francesco Marlett’s wife says that the disgraced cop has been cheating on her for years and described the woman in the video as his ‘mistress’ 

The estranged wife and the mistress of the Maryland cop who was caught on camera making out with the latter while on duty are battling it out on Facebook with both accusing the other of being the first to cheat in their respective relationships. 

The wife of Prince George County officer Francesco Marlett, Paula, began by accusing her her husband of cheating on her ‘for years’ and alleged that his ‘mistress,’ who she named as Virginia Pinto, was dumped by her husband because of her cheating. 

Paula said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that this was ‘very tough time’ for her and her three children.  She concluded her post by saying: ‘I love you all. Except for Virginia Pinto, you can rot in hell b****.’ 

Early Wednesday, Pinto responded to Paula accusing her of being the cheater in her marriage. ‘I’ve done nothing wrong… Paula Marlett isn’t saying the whole story which I understand but please don’t be mad at me because your husband wants me,’ she wrote in a scathing post. 

Prince George‘s County Police officer Francesco Marlett was unmasked on Tuesday and was subsequently suspended of his actions by the department. ‘The officer has been identified. His police powers are now suspended as the investigation continues,’ PGPD said in an update.

Officer Francesco Marlett's estranged wife Paula, shown here, lashed out at her estranged husband in a series of Facebook posts

The officer's mistress, Virginia Pinto, hit back on Facebook telling Paula: 'Don't be mad because your husband wants me'

This post was sent out by Officer Marlett's wife late on Tuesday night after the infamous video spread online

The post prompted this response from Officer Marlett's mistress

Also on Tuesday, Paula  posted a video of the shocking incident, saying: ‘There goes my husband and his mistress.’ 

When a friend asked if she was okay, Paula replies: ‘I’m not doing okay. It constantly pops up on my f*****g newsfeed and I have to constantly re-watch it over and over again.’ 

According to their respective Facebook pages, both Paula and Pinto have three children. Pinto is also a US Army veteran.  

This suspension is at least the third for Marlett, who was suspended without pay in 2016 when he was charged with child abuse for allegedly knocking his then-girlfriend’s three-year-old boy unconscious – a charge that was later dropped for reasons that are unclear.

He was also suspended for one month in May 2023 after being accused of domestic violence, but returned to duty in June, WBFF-TV reported.

A PGPD spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment early on Wednesday. Martlett could not be immediately reached for comment.

His latest suspension comes after shocking video showed the uniformed cop kissing a scantily clad woman in a park, and then climbing in the back of his cruiser with her.

The video first shows the pair kissing as the woman touches the officer’s head. The woman then heads to the back of the car, with the officer’s arm around her.

‘As soon as we became aware earlier today, we opened an investigation to determine the circumstances,’ the department tweeted on Tuesday.

‘Additional information will be released once investigated and confirmed.’

The Maryland police officer who was caught on camera passionately making out with a woman beside his patrol vehicle before climbing into the back seat with her has been suspended

The cop was then seen getting into the back of the cruiser himself before they later emerged again

 Prince George’s County police union boss Angelo Consoli told the Washington Post the union was aware of the video, and the police department is investigating.

‘We support our officers during any and all investigations, and ask that people reserve any judgment until the facts come out,’ Consoli said. ‘At which time, we’ll reevaluate our position.’

Nelson Ochoa told WRC-TV that he filmed the now-viral video on Labor Day, when he was out playing soccer with family at Southlawn Park in Oxon Hill.

‘As soon as I started recording, a car pulled up and a young lady came out,’ Ochoa said.

‘We couldn’t believe what we were seeing, and what really made us go, ‘Wow, this is crazy,’ is when the car started rocking a little bit to the left and right.

‘That’s when we were, like, this is crazy. In broad daylight with kids around.’

Ochoa said that Marlett and the woman drove off in opposite directions about 40 minutes after the liaison began.

‘I’m glad I caught it on camera so Prince George’s could see what kind of officers they have working for them supposedly protecting the community,’ he said.

After Martlett was accused of being the officer in the video, his record came into the spotlight.

In May 2016, he was indicted on one count of second-degree child abuse and one count of second-degree assault stemming from a December 2015 incident.

Prosecutors alleged at the time that he was watching his girlfriend’s three-year-old son on December 27 while she was making dinner, and began spanking her son after he soiled the bed.

As he was spanking the child, the boy’s head hit the wall and he lost consciousness, prosecutors alleged.

‘There is no excuse for Officer Marlett’s actions,’ Angela D. Alsobrooks, who was then the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney, said in the statement at the time.

‘No matter what may have happened, striking a defenseless child and causing this type of injury is never acceptable,’ she added.

The charges against Marlett were later dropped and expunged, according to WBFF, and he remained on the PGPD force.

The footage of the officer making out in the park was originally posted to TikTok on Monday night and has been watched more than two million times.

The poster wrote: ‘Pg cops don’t care.’ Kids can he heard and seen running nearby the couple.

A group of men can be heard in the background speaking Spanish as they judge the scene.

One says: ‘Look! Look! He’s taking her to the car!’ Another adds: ‘He’s an animal, the bald cop!’

Thousands of social media users have commented on the video, with many calling for the officer to be fired.

‘This needs the ‘you about to lose your job’ sound,’ said one TikTok user. ‘Should’ve called the cops… oh,’ said another.

‘Meanwhile a lil old lady somewhere getting robbed or worse,’ added a third.

Others wondered how the loved up pair would get out of the backseat, as the backseats of police cars supposedly can’t be opened from the inside.

One person said: ‘Obviously, there’s a trick to open from the inside.’


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