Wild moment a huge snake pops up next to a driver’s window on a Stroud, NSW road

A young couple has filmed their startling encounter with a snake that hitched a car ride.

Rachael Pace and her boyfriend Kyle Vella were taking a drive in Stroud on the New South Wales mid north coast last week when they unknowingly picked up an unwelcome passenger.

Ms Pace was in the front passenger seat and filmed her boyfriend getting the fright of his life as the massive snake suddenly popped up its head along his window while driving.

The sneaky hitchhiker pops up at the driver's seat

A shocked Kyle Vella tries to continue driving

Rachael Pace filmed her boyfriend Kyle Vella’s reaction after realising they had another passenger that had hitchiked a free ride

‘What the f***?’ she can be heard laughing in the background.

‘Wholly s***! What the f *** do we do?,’ Mr Vella replied as the snake slithers along the his window.

The snake appeared to have no plans of budging as it leans against the glass to get a closer look at the shocked couple, who pulled over to try and get rid of it.

‘What are we going to do?’ Ms Pace asked.

‘It’s going to fall off,’ Mr Vella replies. 

The video ends with the snake still refusing to budge as Mr Vella tries shaking his door to move it.

Rachael Pace and Kyle Vella (pictured, together) were shocked to discover they had picked up a hitchhiker

Rachael Pace and Kyle Vella (pictured, together) were shocked to discover they had picked up a hitchhiker

The footage has since gone viral online.

‘It’s not every day that you’re driving and a snake causally pops up,’ Ms Pace captioned the video on Facebook.

She later updated the post to say they eventually stopped and with the help of a neighbour, let the harmless snake free in a nearby creek.

The footage has since been inundated with online shares and comments.

Reactions ranged from shock horror to amusement. 

‘That is insane! What are the chances?’ one woman commented.

Some said they would have crashed if it happened to them. 

The snake appeared to enjoy its  free ride

The snake peers inside to get a closer look

The couple eventually pulled over and let the snake (pictured) free in a nearby creek

‘Holy crap, I would have crashed my car & never got back in it again,’ one woman wrote.

Another added: ‘I would of burnt the car.’

Others saw the funny side.

‘So funny me and your parents laughed so much,’ one man wrote.

Another quipped: ‘He just needed a ride to his next destination.’

The snake slithered along the driver's seat window

Kyle didn't know what to do with the snake

The startling encounter with the snake (pictured) happened on an afternoon drive


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