William Tyrrell’s foster parents’ dirty laundry comes out

William Tyrrell’s foster parents’ dirty laundry all comes out: Excruciating scenes in court as dad listens to mum telling another bloke she’s ‘over’ her husband

  • William Tyrrell’s foster parents on assault and stalk charges
  • Court hears second tape of foster mother kicking girl 
  • Said ‘you don’t know what we’ve gone through’  since William vanished
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A recording of the confronting moment William Tyrrell’s foster mother kicked an 11-year-old girl during an argument over household chores has been aired in court. 

In evidence played to the Parramatta Local Court on Wednesday, the foster mother can be heard talking about what the family has endured since William went missing, and the enduring mystery of what became of him.

‘You don’t know about the stuff we’ve had to do, you don’t know about the stuff that’s going on right now,’ the foster mother told the girl after kicking her around 7.45am on October 20, 2021. 

After the mother assaults the girl, the 11-year-old tells the foster father ‘she kicked me’, saying it was because the girl had threatened to kick another child.

The foster mother – whose identity is concealed and is known before the court as SD –  interrupts and says ‘just be quiet and sit there, so now you know how it feels’.

The girl then says to SD ‘you’re a bad mother’.

The foster parents later tell the girl she can leave the house and when she responds by saying she won’t come back, SD says ‘No-one’s chaining you to the front door.’

During fights between the girl and the foster parents, she says at one point  to JS – the foster father – ‘I hate you, I hate her, I hate this family. I quit this family’. The girl directly tells SD: ‘You’re a f***ing b***h.’

Another recording was played in court of SD with another male while driving around in a car in which she slams her husband.

Awkwardly, the foster father was in court beside his wife to hear that recording. 

William Tyrrell's foster parents arrive on Wednesday four court, which heard the moment when she committed her second assault, kicking an 11-year-old girl

‘I’m pissed off with him and if I go home I’m going to say I’m over it,’ SD says on October 9, 2021.

‘I’m so angry. He treats me like s**t. He’s supposed to be the father, but he acts like a f***ing 16-year-old.

‘I am stuck in it. The house was fine, it was happy. But f***ing (JS).’

Saying her husband was ‘mean and cruel’ to the 11-year-old girl, she calls him a f***ing 54-year-old’ and complains ‘there’s nowhere in that house for me to escape’.

‘F***ing (JS) … life does not work to (JS)’s time frame. He does not run the world.’

The foster mother broke down as the recording of her assaulting the girl was played, holding her head in her hands and wiping her eyes with a tissue. 

The audio recordings are being played in court during a trial of the foster parents on charges of assaulting a child and stalking and intimidating to cause fear of physical or mental harm. 

The accused couple were the foster parents of William Tyrrell who disappeared aged three in September 2014 in the NSW Mid North Coast town of Kendall and no trace of the toddler has ever been found. 

No-one has ever been charged over his disappearance. 

A new search of bushland within 700m of the Kendall house where William was last seen was conducted in late 2021, but no items of significance have been identified. 

The evidence played on Wednesday followed a dramatic day on Tuesday in which the mother broke down during the playing of a recording of the moment she whacked the 11-year-old girl with a wooden spoon.

On the distressing audio tape, the foster mother can be heard telling the girl to go and get the wooden spoon, followed by the sound of the girl being hit.

The girl then repeatedly wails ‘help me’ before SD tells the girl to ‘shut up’.

In a subsequent recorded phone call, the foster mother tells the foster father they had a problem because the assault had ‘left a welt’.

The foster parents wept during the playing of the recording, which stemmed from a late night confrontation after they took away some of the child’s clothes and toys.

William Tyrrell's foster mother (centre) - who cannot be identified for legal reasons - faced court on Tuesday alongside the missing boy's foster father

The assault, to which the foster mother has pleaded guilty, happened on January 26, 2021. 

The recording was made after SD complained that the girl had ‘lost $120 worth of clothes’ and that she owned ‘over a thousand dollars of toys’.

SD later told a friend she had ‘cleared out’ the girl’s room, ‘tipped out her toys’ and reduced her to a few pairs of clothes, telling the friend, ‘I feel awful … but I have to do it, I have to break her.’

In the tape, at the sight of the cleared room, the girl sobs and first cries out at the couple ‘you’ve ruined everything. You’ve taken everything and I don’t know where it is.’

Then she says ‘Help please, I need some help. I need some help. Hello, I need some help. Please, I need some help.’

She then breaks into loud anguished sobbing and screams, ‘Please help me. You are not allowed to do that to me. I need help. I need help. I need help. I need help. I just need help. I just need some help. I just need some help.’

On the tape recording, the girl can be heard moving and she says ‘I have the iPad upstairs. I’m calling’.

Movement can be heard, then the girl’s anguished screams, sobbing and the foster mother saying ‘Get up, get up, away from the screen’, telling her to move her hands before the moment she is then is struck with the wooden spoon.

The girl then erupts into a series of nine long, drawn-out utterances of ‘Noooo’.

It was at this point listening in the court room that the foster mother broke down and cried and her barrister requested a short break, which Magistrate McIntyre granted.

In a subsequent audio recording, the foster mother tells the girl that if she hears one more sound out of her that evening then SD will be going up to the girl’s room and removing her meal.

‘You seem to think that you can control me, that you control the situation. You can’t, you never will,’ SD says.

Multiple disturbing recordings from vehicles or two Sydney North Shore houses  have been played in court of the 11-year-old girl screaming and sobbing inconsolably as William Tyrrell’s foster parents yell and berate her. 

In one audio recording, an apparently enraged foster father screams at the girl in a car as the ABC Radio morning news plays in the background. It starts: ‘Every f***ing day!

‘Close the front door. Move, f***ing move! We’re done with this game. I’m over it. Out. It’s f***ing ridiculous. I’m f***ing over it. It’s f***ing stupid.’ 

As the sound of the child’s sobbing continues, the foster father says: ‘I’m done with it. You don’t understand, you do this every day. Every day!’

‘Don’t lose your s*** now,’ he says as more loud sobbing can be heard.

In a recorded exchange with the girl, the foster mother tells her: ‘Look at me. The next time you talk back to me this is going on your bottom.’ 

In another recording, during an argument over the girl’s clothes, the foster mother yells: ‘Keep going, keep going, I will outlast you, you will not beat me at this.

‘Look at me, I’m stronger. I will outlast you. You keep on, I’ll go higher, I’ll go harder. Your choice.’

The foster mother wept and embraced the foster father (the couple pictured above) as harrowing audio was played in court of her hitting the 11-year-old girl with a wooden spoon, then telling her to 'shut up' as the child sobbed and begged for help

The recordings being played date from November 2020 and January 2021.

In one of the recordings, the foster mother tells the 11-year-old in a loud and strident tone: ‘Listen to me. Do what I say, not what you want. Not your position. MY position. 

‘You will do it MY WAY.’

On 26 January, 2021, in an argument about the girl having too many clothes, while a radio plays in the background SD told the girl: ‘Be quiet, you don’t get to talk, you have absolutely nothing to say. Zero.’

When the girl reacts and says, wailing ‘I hate you’, SD responds. ‘You do what we tell you to do. NO means No.’

Cop takes the stand 

The recordings are being played after the Officer in Charge of the investigation, Detective Senior Constable Sean Ogilvy, took the stand. 

Police planned to play recordings of up to four hours of evidence since the foster mother pleaded guilty to two charges of hitting and kicking the 11-year-old girl. 

The 58-year-old has pleaded not guilty to two charges of stalk and intimidate, while the foster father has pleaded not guilty to one count of stalking and one of common assault. 

The offences involve the foster mother kicking the girl and hitting her with a wooden spoon during confrontations with the then primary schoolgirl over a mobile phone and after the child told the foster parents ‘I hate you’.

The foster parents of missing toddler William Tyrrell (above) are accused of assaulting and stalking and intimidating a primary age schoolgirl in 2021 in a raft of incidents between January and August

The officer in charge of the case - Detective Senior Constable Sean Ogilvy - has taken the stand as disturbing recordings have been played in court

Following the two guilty pleas, the foster mother failed in a bid by her lawyer to have the five-day trial held in secret and closed off to the public and the media.   


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