Woman, 18, goes viral after explaining ‘girl math’ to her baffled dad

  • Marley Brown, 18, explained the tongue-in-cheek financial strategy on TikTok
  • The numerically unsound approach to money clearly horrified her father 
  • Her examples included tidbits like: ‘Anything I buy with cash is free’

A young woman has left the internet in stitches after sharing a series of videos showing her dad growing increasingly frustrated as she explains the concept of ‘girl math’ to him.

Marley Brown, 18, documented her endeavor to break down ‘girl math’ to her dad in a four-part TikTok series, packed with examples of this chaotic approach to finances. So far, the videos have collectively garnering more than 17.6 million views.

One of the University of Massachusetts Amherst student’s first examples of ‘girl math’ involved the purchase and return of a skirt.

‘If I buy a skirt, and then I return the skirt, cause it doesn’t fit or something, that money that I get from the return is like free money,’ the freshman explained to her dad in one video.

Marley Brown, 18, broke down the concept of 'girl math' to her increasingly frustrated dad

‘No,’ her father responded. ‘Then you could do that 1,000 times, and then you’d have 1,000 skirts worth of free money, which isn’t real.’ 

‘Exactly,’ Marley answered cheerily.

Another case in point was ‘anything I buy with cash is free,’ Marley attested, to which her father disagreed, saying, ‘No.’

But Marley emphatically responded, ‘Yes.’

‘No, that’s not how money works,’ her dad insisted.

As a different hypothetical, Marley offered, ‘If I buy two things that are 50 per cent off, they cancel each other out. They’re both free.’

‘No,’ her dad protested again, adding, ‘Who teaches you this stuff?’

‘It’s like common knowledge,’ Marley insisted.

Marley also insisted that anything bought with cash is 'free,' to which her dad disagreed with

Her dad rebuked, ‘That’s bulls***. That’s not how math works.’

Marley continued, ‘If there is a sale on an item that I have or a store that I buy from a lot, if I don’t buy something, I’m losing money.’ But her father was not on board.

‘I’m losing [money] because I already know that I like that… but what if I want to buy it in the future, then I’m going to lose money,’ she insisted.

Marley then proposes another scenario – ‘If something’s less than $5, it’s free.’

‘No,’ her father replied swiftly. ‘What if you buy 100 things that are $4? They’re not for free.’

‘They’re all for free!’ Marley grinned.

‘No, it’s $400, which is obviously not free,’ her dad shot back. 

He later emphatically instructed, ‘Buy things you need instead of things you want.’

Marley eventually asked her dad, ‘You having fun?’

‘No, this is worrying,’ he answered.

Newly converted followers of 'girl math' took to the comments to heap praise on Marley's talking points

Viewers and newly converted fans of ‘girl math’ flooded the comments section, heaping praise on Marley’s talking points.

‘This is making me realize how much I girl math,’ one man wrote. 

‘Yoooo that’s how I be thinking… where’s the lie?… This is exactly how my mind thinks,’ another echoed.

‘I hate to buy things you need instead of things you want statement so much I want to buy things I want,’ a third added.

‘Girl math makes me feel rich,’ someone else chimed in, while another countered, ‘Girl math is making me broke.’

One commenter may have put it most succinctly in writing: ‘Girl math on point here.’


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