Woman caught breaking lockdown in Melbourne told police she had travelled 75km to buy a KEBAB

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A hungry woman caught breaking Melbourne‘s strict Stage Four coronavirus lockdowns told police she had driven 75km from her home to buy a kebab. 

The woman was pulled over by officers in Werribee, south-west of Melbourne, on Monday night after the city’s 8pm to 5am curfew was in effect. 

When questioned, she told the officers she was from Geelong and had traveled the lengthy drive to Melbourne in search of the snack and was then going to visit her boyfriend in Werribee. 

Melburnians are set to endure an extended Stage Four lockdown until the end of September (pictured: residents walking through one of the city's parks for their allowed recreation)

Melburnians are set to endure an extended Stage Four lockdown until the end of September (pictured: residents walking through one of the city’s parks for their allowed recreation) 

The woman was one of 171 people fined in Victoria for breaching the Chief Health Officer directions in Victoria in the last 24 hours. 

Two women were also fined after they were caught out walking and eating ice-cream at 2am, telling police they thought it was 6am. 

And a man was fined who was found cycling in South Melbourne after curfew who told police said he was going to visit his ‘semi-intimate partner’. 

In total the fines included 31 penalties for failing to wear a face covering when leaving home for one of the four approved reasons. 

The four approved reason are to shop for food and necessary goods, to provide care, for compassionate reasons or to seek medical treatment, to exercise or for outdoor recreation, for work or education, if you can’t do it from home. 

Also 21 fines were dished out at vehicle checkpoints in Victoria and 67 people were fined for breaching Melbourne’s curfew. 

Across the state on Monday 21,482 vehicles were stopped at vehicle checkpoints, while 3,704 spot checks on people at houses, businesses and public places were conducted. 

Married At First Sight star Hayley Vernon (pictured) attended and anti-lockdown protest on Saturday in Melbourne

Married At First Sight star Hayley Vernon (pictured) attended and anti-lockdown protest on Saturday in Melbourne 

Since March 21 there have been 396,289 spot checks performed by authorities to ensure COVID-19 restrictions are being adhered to. 

On Sunday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced Stage Four restrictions would be extended for two weeks until the end of September. 

Residents have become increasingly frustrated at the lockdown measures with protests breaking out on Saturday in Melbourne’s CBD. 


Step one: The first step will come in to place on September 13.

Step two: The second step will be implemented when Melbourne has 30-50 COVID-19 cases a day on average over the past 14 days. The aim is for this to come into place on September 28. 

Step three: The move to step three will occur when there is a daily statewide average of five new cases over the past 14 days. The aim is for this to come into place on October 26.

Step four: The move to step four will come when there have been no new COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days. The aim is for this to come into place on November 23.

COVID Normal: After 28 days of no new COVID-19 cases, things will return to normal. 

Step one – 11.59pm on September 13:

Curfew will be eased to 9pm-5am

People can still only leave home for the four reasons (shopping, exercise, work and care or medical attention)

Public gatherings increased to two people, or a household, for a maximum of two hours

 Singles can have one nominated person to their home as part of the ‘singles social bubble’ 

Childcare and early educators to remain closed

Schools will continue to learn remotely unless they have exemptions

 Adult education to continue to be done remotely, unless they have exemption

 Only go to work if you are in a permitted industry 

– Cafes and restaurants will continue with take away only

– Retail businesses will remain open for essential shopping, with others only operating with click and collect

– Only one person per household can do the essential shopping 

Step two – September 28:

Public gatherings increase again to five people from a maximum of two households

Childcare and early educators can re-open

Schools to continue with remote learning, but Prep to Grade Two and Year 11 and Year 12 students will gradually return to class in Term 4 

 There will be an increase to permitted workplaces

Step three – October 26:

Curfew is no longer in place

There are no restrictions on leaving home

Public gatherings increase to 10 people together outdoors

 A ‘household bubble’ will be introduced, so five people from one house can visit another 

Remote learning to continue, but Grades 3 to Year 11 can gradually return to class

– Adult education to continue to be done remotely, but hands on classes will see a phased return to onsite 

 Work from home is encouraged

– Up to 10 people can eat together at restaurants and cafes, with the majority of tables outdoor

– Retail shops to reopen, with hairdresses operating under safety measures but beauty stores to remain closed

– Real estate agents can conduct private inspections by appointment

– The one person per household limit on shopping is to be revoked 

Step four – November 23:

Public gatherings to increase to 50 people outdoors

 Up to 20 visitors can attend a home at any one time

 All adult education will return to onsite with safety measures in place

– Groups limited to 20 indoors and a maximum of 50 patrons per venue

– All retail stores to reopen, while real estate agents can operate with safety measures and by keeping a record of attendants

Step five – COVID normal:

Public gatherings have no restriction

 There will also be no restriction on visitors to homes

– Phased return to onsite work for work from home workers

  Schools to reopen as normal

– Restrictions on hospitality removed, but venues to continue keeping records 



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