Woman has boyfriend’s name ‘tattooed’ on forehead to copy viral stunt

Gone are the days of gifting your partner flowers or giving them a hug to show your love – it appears that now it’s all about bold and permanent statements.

Georgia, from Doncaster, has shared a video of herself seemingly getting her boyfriend’s name ‘tattooed on her forehead,’ just days after influencer Ana Snanskovsky went viral for doing the same thing.

The TikToker appears to be poking fun at the recent trend for face tattoos, sparked by the Polish influencer, beucase she quickly admitted it was a prank.  

The video by Georgia (@__ge0rgiaaa__ on TikTok) was captioned ‘our love is forever so why shouldn’t my tattoo be’. 

Her TikTok was seen by over 2.2million people in under two days, with commenters who believed it was real warning her: ‘Girl that will be with you for the rest of your life’.

The video by Georgia (@__ge0rgiaaa__ on TikTok ) is captioned 'our love is forever so why shouldn't my tattoo be'

In the clip, the tattoo apprentice was seen getting the name ‘Dale’ stencilled onto her head in huge letters, before pretending to get it inked permanently. 

Georgia was grinning from ear to ear at the end result, with Justin Bieber‘s ‘Boyfriend’ playing in the background.

She filmed herself looking in the mirror, showing off her controversial new ‘tattoo’ to her followers.

However, similar to Ana’s ‘tattoo,’ of her boyfriend Kevin’s name, viewers weren’t convinced by it and their suspicions were confirmed when she later admitted it was a prank.

The top comment, with more than 950 likes, reads ‘Right ok I got 1 question Where is the redness from the tattoo??’

Others joked ‘no one gonna talk abt it being backwards’ and ‘Please say psych’.

One commenter wrote ‘the kinda commitment I want,’ meanwhile another said ‘Yeah, I’ve been married 25 years and I wouldn’t get my wife’s name on my forehead lol’.

After the video garnered attention, Georgia made a follow up video, where she mouthed along to an audio from Spongebob: ‘They were fake… of course they were fake!’ 

In the clip, the tattoo apprentice is seen getting the name 'Dale' stencilled onto her head in huge letters, before pretending to get it inked permanently

The influencer told viewers 'Everyone is saying to me I will regret that and every time I look in the mirror I'm just, I'm in love'

Although the tattoo apprentice has admitted it was a joke, Ana Snanskovsky is still adamant her ink is real. 

She recently made a follow up video to ‘prove’ it’s authenticity.

It comes after she was overwhelmed with comments saying her new ink is a prank and there’s ‘no way’ it’s genuine.

The TikToker who’s currently living in Bali, shocked her 587,000 TikTok followers when she posted a video earlier this week to reveal her bold new inking dedicated to her fellow influencer boyfriend, Kevin Freshwater.

Now, in her newest video captioned ‘let’s prove it’s real,’ she wrote on the screen: ‘I’ll try to wipe if off. Let’s see what will happen’.

She told viewers: ‘ I’m sick and tired of hearing from everyone that my tattoo is fake. Why would I do that?’

However, the video cut off before she ‘wipes’ it or even removed the plastic, prompting even more commenters to claim this is all a big prank.

One user wrote: ‘No one who has a fresh tattoo is about to wipe it with a tissue.’

Others pointed to the fact there’s ‘no redness no swelling’, while one claimed they could see it ‘smudging’, and another isnisted it’s ‘permanent marker’. 


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