Woman is left horrified after being ‘hotel-fished’ by tricky shades

  • Amber Shelby, from Texas, posted the video detailing her hilarious hotel fail
  • She and her family were led to believe they’d have view of the Manhattan skyline 
  • But upon arrival, it turned out it was a picture of the skyline on window shades

A tourist has been left horrified after discovering the spectacular Manhattan view she was expecting from her hotel room window turned out to be fake.

TikTok creator Amber Shelby, from Texas, locked in a last-minute trip to New York with her husband and two young kids, booking a hotel room that had a gorgeous view of the city’s iconic skyline – at least it did on its website.

However, when the family checked in and got to their room at the Fairfield Inn Staten Island, they were horrified to find their stunning scenery was actually a picture of the skyline that had been printed onto their window shades.

‘Not us booking this room thinking we had a nice view,’ Amber wrote on the clip, which has been viewed more than 680,000 times.

Amber Shelby's family checked into the hotel, but it wasn't what they thought it would be

But when the family checked into the Fairfield Inn Staten Island, they were horrified to find their stunning scenery was actually a picture of the skyline printed onto their window shades

In the video, she had shown a picture of what the room looked like on the website, which was a standard-looking hotel room with a gorgeous view of the skyline.

Amber then reveals the dire reality of what they were actually given, lifting up the window shade to find the stunning view went away with it.

In a follow-up video, the mom-of-two showed the ‘skyline’ of lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center, before pulling up the blinds to reveal the room actually looked onto the hotel carpark, with the glimpse of a park across the road.

Amber gave some more information into the accommodation disaster, telling her followers: ‘We literally booked everything last week.’

The mom said she usually booked the hotel when they went on vacation, but left that task up to her significant other this time – so he may have missed some details about the view and the location of the hotel, which was on Staten Island.

‘No complaints about the hotel,’ she responded to a comment. ‘It was just too far for my liking from the city.’

The multiple photos of the rooms on the website show a view of the waterfront and skyline – although all are from the same angle. 

The website noted that images on the website ‘may not fully represent the room features you booked,’ although there isn’t an option to book a room with or without a view. 

Amber thought she and her family would be enjoying a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline

Instead their dreamy look out was actually of the carpark of their hotel

The closer Amber got to the window, the more obvious it was the view was fake

Upon further inspection Amber realized all the views from the hotel were of the same thing

Their room actually looked out onto a carpark

The pictures on the hotel website made the room look like it was on the waterfront

TikTok users were in hysterics over the mistake, many asking why they booked on Staten Island in the first place, to which Amber replied they didn’t realize how far out it would be.

‘That look like they took the view from the ferry and put it in the window,’ an observant user wrote.  ‘But SI isn’t that bad just not much to do there.’

‘Hotel-fished is crazy!!!!!!!!!’ another exclaimed. ‘They knew what they were doing to!!’

‘Lmao I’m gone call & confirm next time! This was a first for me,’ Amber said.

Last year, a young traveler went through the same ordeal, thinking she got the deal of a lifetime when she found a budget hotel boasting scenic views, but was shocked to discover a catch upon arrival.

However Miriam, from Wellington, New Zealand, checked in to her room at the Mi-Pad Hotel in Queenstown to find the supposed view was actually a live TV stream from a camera on the roof.

Luckily, she was able to laugh at the mistake, posting about the mix-up online.

‘We booked a room with a view in Queenstown and it was a LIVESTREAM of the view from the top floor,’ Miriam tweeted with some laughing emojis. 

DailyMail.com has contacted Fairfield Inn Staten Island for comment.


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