Woman left unable to close her own mouth after lip filler surgery

I wanted a Love Island pout but my lips swelled so much after fillers, I couldn’t close my mouth – and spent £700 getting them dissolved

A woman has claimed she was unable to close her own mouth after getting lip fillers, and is urging others to ‘do their research’ before going ahead with the procedure. 

Harriet Green, 23, a council worker from Norfolk, says she was horrified that her desire to have a plumper pout – after being influenced by Love Island stars and videos on TikTok – proved a costly disaster. 

The council worker from Norfolk booked an appointment with an aesthetics clinic in Norwich to get £100 worth of lip filler in December 2022.

Immediately after the procedure, Harriet’s lips started to swell up and bruise but she claims she was assured it was normal and they would go down within weeks.

To her horror, three months later, her lips were still swollen and she was left with two painful lumps on them – preventing her, she says, from closing her own mouth. 

Harriet Green, 23, has called on other women to 'do their research' before getting cosmetic surgery (pictured before the 'painful' lip fillers)

The council worker from Norfolk, said she was horrified to discover she couldn't close her own mouth after getting lip filler surgery

Harriet was injected with 1.1ml of lip filler by the practitioner at the unnamed clinic. A second visit saw her insert 0.6 mil into her lips. 

She said: ‘This was the first time I had anything done. On the way to my appointment, the woman at the salon told me to numb my own lips which now I realise you should not do’ she added.

‘When I was getting my lips done, it was painful but at that time I didn’t realise it is only painful when not done correctly. Straight after they were very sore and started to bruise.’

‘After all the bruising had gone, I had two hard lumps on my lips – one on the left and one on the right. It made me feel so much more self-conscious – it was painful and uncomfortable.’

Harriet then found Dr Raja – a GP who runs her own aesthetics clinic – and underwent three corrective procedures to dissolve hyaluronic acid-based filler – costing £700. 

She explained that she had to get her lips dissolved three times as they were injected with too much filler and it was put in the wrong place.

She said: ‘I stopped going to the woman as I was annoyed, and people close to me started commenting on how my lips didn’t look good.’

‘They said they could see unevenness in my lips and could see two lumps on the top lip. I’d wake up in the mornings and my lips would be swollen.’

Harriet said her lips were hard and painful after the procedure, but she insists she was lucky this time around as other people have had it a lot worse

The council worker says the fiasco has put her off having other cosmetic surgery on her face

Although Harriet still has lumps in her lips, she says she’s been lucky this time around as other people have had it a lot worse. 

But she won’t be visiting the ‘minefield’ of cosmetic surgery any time soon as she claims the entire ordeal has put her off for life.

She said: ”I won’t have anything done to my face now, at one point my TikTok was full of jaw filler and Botox which swayed me into wanting to get it done.’

‘I don’t judge people – when you have never had anything done before, you don’t know what you should be looking out for.’

‘It is important to research the person, don’t just go off social media pictures like I did.’ 

Harriet found Dr Raja, a GP who runs her own aesthetics clinic in Norwich, and underwent three corrective procedures to dissolve the filler

‘Look for healed pictures of someone’s lips, not just fresh off the needle as they will look nice and plump straight after.’

Harriet believes that social media and reality shows like Love Island play a major role in people wanting to get cosmetic procedures.

She added: ‘It seems like such a normal thing to do now – that is the problem. Shows like Love Island, all the girls on there have had something done to enhance their look which is not natural.’

‘You don’t really ever see anyone there who is ‘natural’ and not had something done.’

‘It feels more common and appealing to others that if you have filler and botox you are seen as more attractive.’


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