Woman urges people to keep lights off when they arrive home

  • Mary Alice, 25, issued the warning after noticing a man outside her apartment 
  • She suggests people don’t turn on their lights when first entering their homes
  • The Chicago musician says this tactic helps if someone is watching you

A woman is warning people who live alone not to turn their lights on as soon as they get home, claiming it can potentially be unsafe.

Chicago musician Mary Alice posted a now-viral video to TikTok, detailing an incident which left her feeling deeply unsettled and unsafe.

In the minute-and-a-half video, the 25-year-old explained why you shouldn’t turn your lights on immediately after entering your house based on her own terrifying experience. 

‘Especially if people can see the windows of your apartment from the street,’ Mary explained in her TikTok. ‘Because if someone’s following you home, they’re gonna know what apartment you live in.’

Chicago musician Mary Alice posted a video to TikTok, detailing an incident where a man was loitering outside her apartment, which left her deeply unsettled

After noticing the man watching her, Mary suggested that you didn't turn lights on inside the apartment unless you're sure no one was watching

Mary then went on to describe an incident that had occurred earlier that evening, saying she had noticed a man getting things out of his car inside her apartment complex when she was getting out of hers.

‘I’d never seen him before this morning when he was in my apartment complex area,’ she explained in a video she filmed her bathroom. ‘He just gave me bad vibes.’

After she got home in the evening, she said the man approached her and tried to strike up a conversation with her about a broken headlight on her car.

‘[I said], “Oh, yeah, I know. I just have to get around to it. Whatever,”‘ she said dismissively.

After getting inside her apartment, Mary didn’t turn on her lights right away, instead checking her Ring camera to see if he was around.

To be horror, she saw him standing in the street right outside her building and staring at it, estimating he stayed there for about five minutes. 

‘I mean, like, halfway through, he left the empty parking spot and hid behind a car, but he waited to see,’ she continued. 

‘So now he knows what car I drive and where I live.’

Mary recalled checking her Ring camera to see if he was around after getting inside her apartment

TikTok users were terrified by her story, with many leaving suggestions for the young woman

Mary concluded the chilling video with: ‘So don’t turn your lights on.’

In the caption, Mary said she was ‘so tired of feeling like prey.’

‘My lights are only on in my bathroom now because it’s the only room I have with no windows,’ she added.

More than 20,000 people left comments on Mary’s TikTok warning, some with suggestions as to how she could feel more safe.

‘Wow never thought about this,’ one user responded. ‘Getting blackout curtains for the side of your apartment where it’s visible from the street is also a good idea!’

‘Get a light timer. Then they’ll think your apartment is active 24/7 or leave your lights on,’ one TikTok user suggested.

Another responded, saying the scenario was a ‘new fear unlocked.’ 

‘I’m sorry girlie stay safe,’ they said.

‘Amazing advice, that I guarantee so many don’t think about,’ someone else gushed. ‘I didn’t until you said something! Thank you!’


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