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The first reactions to Wonder Woman 1984 were overwhelmingly positive, while the reviews were mostly glowing when the embargo lifted too (you can find our verdict by clicking here). However, something has changed since then, as the second wave of reviews have been quite a bit more negative; as a result, the DC sequel is no longer “Certified Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Regular moviegoers are starting to share their thoughts, though, and many of those who watched it in theaters have contributed to Wonder Woman 1984‘s CinemaScore. 

That process involves those who have just watched a movie being asked for their score – A to F – as they leave the screening. CinemaScore then averages those to create a rating, and in the case of Patty Jenkins’ movie, that’s a B+. As a result, Wonder Woman 1984 is now on a par with Suicide Squad, Justice League, and this year’s Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was graded B, while Man of Steel and Aquaman received an A-. Shazam! and 2017’s Wonder Woman are the only DCEU movies with an A. 

In other Wonder Woman 1984 news, artist Jen Bartel has shared some incredible imagery for the sequel that would have been featured on Alamo Drafthouse pint glasses had theaters not closed:

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5 ways Wonder Woman 1984 sets up a sequel!

5. Diana Prince Embraces Being A Hero


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice established that Diana Prince had been staying off the radar since first leaving Themyscira during World War I, but Wonder Woman 1984 definitely goes some way in retconning that. While the Amazon Warrior clearly isn’t known to the public, she is very much a superhero who doesn’t shy away from saving the day (even if it means destroying security cameras).

By the time the sequel ends, it feels a lot like Diana has really accepted her place as a hero to the world (hearing her voice is what leads to the recanting their wishes). As we head into the present day – a logical next step for the franchise – it’s a must that we see Wonder Woman step out of the shadows.

The groundwork for that is definitely laid in this sequel, and now that Diana has helped save the world very publicly on two separate occasions, we should be able to see how that affects the hero. For starters, we’d love to know what the government makes of her, not to mention those she’s crossed paths with over the decades. Cheetah doesn’t die, so perhaps an older Barbara could even return?

4. A New Love Interest


After spending decades mourning the loss of Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman is finally reunited with her lost love in the sequel. They only get a few days together, but after saying goodbye for a second time, it feels like Diana Prince may finally be able to move on…to some extent at least, anyway. 

That could mean it’s time for a new love interest, and there are quite a few exciting possibilities. 

Henry Cavill’s Superman would be an interesting, albeit controversial, option, though Trevor Barnes might also be a good direction to take things in for the hero. Kaisa and Mala (two female warriors from Themyscira) would offer arguably bolder, more interesting directions to take Diana’s love in, though, and a lesbian relationship could help break ground in a lot of unprecedented ways here.

3. The Invisible Jet


This comes out of nowhere in Wonder Woman 1984, but it turns out that Diana Prince has somehow found a way of using the Lasso of Truth to turn things invisible. Despite only previously trying it on a coffee mug, she manages to turn her and Steve Trevor’s jet completely see through in this sequel.

While cloaking technology exists in the present day, it would be pretty cool to learn that Wonder Woman has paid tribute to Steve by learning to fly a jet, and that it turns invisible on a whim.

Of course, with Wonder Woman 1984 heavily implying that Diana can fly now, we’re not sure how necessary this would be. One way to make it work would be by having the hero become a secret agent – white costume and all – with some sort of aircraft serving as a moving base for the Amazon warrior.

2. Steve Trevor Returns…Again?


Could the third time be the charm for Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor? While we would like to see Diana finally move on, it is possible Chris Pine’s character could be resurrected permanently. 

In Wonder Woman 1984, he mentions having vague memories of going somewhere when he died, so what if the hero is able to visit a version of Heaven or Hell in Wonder Woman 3? Earlier this year, in Wonder Woman #757, The Phantom Stranger actually took one of her friends to Heaven to face judgement, a move that prompted Diana to report to the gates of Heaven itself to get them back.

On a similar adventure (perhaps tied to her father, Zeus), why can’t Wonder Woman come face-to-face with Steve again, this time taking him back to Earth and making him part of the present day DCEU? It would certainly help ensure Diana gets a happy ending at the conclusion of this trilogy.

1. A Team-Up With Asteria


By far the biggest Wonder Woman 3 tease comes in a mid-credits scene. Earlier in the movie, Diana tells Steve that her Golden Eagle armour was first worn by a warrior called Asteria, and she alone, stayed behind holding back the attacking waves of man so her sisters in arms could flee to the safety of their new home, Themyscira (the games at the start of the sequel are held in her honour).

Wonder Woman was unable to find out what happened to her fellow Amazon, but this teaser reveals that she’s alive and protecting people in secret very much like how Diana has for decades.

It feels like there’s a story to tell here, and this reunion could lead to a lot of exciting new stories. It would be kind of crazy if that TV show was somehow made canon, but whatever the case may be, we want to see more of Lynda Carter in the DCEU, and Wonder Woman 3 might be a good start.


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