Woolworths in-store butcher shock closure, 250 shops shut and 489 jobs gone

Shock as Woolworths says it will close 300 in-store butcher shops causing 500 workers to lose their jobs

  • Woolworths to close majority of 300 in-store butchers by end of March
  • The closures will see 489 jobs gone and 250in-store butcher shops shut
  • Instead Woolies stores will only offer pre-packaged meat going forward
  • Comes after in-store butcher accounts only 4 per cent of meat sales

Major supermarket chain Woolworths is shutting down majority of its 300 in-store butchers leaving 489 workers without jobs.

It has been revealed shoppers are turning to pre-packaged meats, with sales in the in-store butchers accounting for only 4 per cent of meat sales.

Around 250 of the shops will be closed by the end of March with 420 trade qualified butchers and 69 skilled non-trade workers to be left jobless.

Woolworths is offering redeployment to a different role within stores, or if workers are not interested in returning they are able to access free post-employment support. 

‘We have over 1000 supermarkets and only 300 of them have in-store butcher shops’, a Woolworths spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia, ‘we have found they’re just not supported by customer demand with only 10 per cent of customers choosing to use the serviced counters’. 



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