Woolworths worker in Berala, Sydney’s west tests positive to coronavirus

Thousands of customers at a busy Woolworths store in Berala will be plunged into isolation after a coronavirus infected staffer worked 11 days over Christmas.

A nearby BWS store has already become the epicentre of an outbreak after two infected workers came into contact with customers over the same holiday period.

The Woolworths staff member worked consistently from December 22nd until December 31st, potentially exposing thousands of locals to the deadly respiratory virus.

Any customers who visited Woolworths at the following dates and times must get a Covid test and self isolate immediately until they receive a negative result:

  • Tuesday 22 December 2020 between 12:45pm to 9:15pm 
  • Wednesday 23 December 2020 between 12:45pm to 9:15pm 
  • Thursday 24 December 2020 between 12:45pm to 9:15pm 
  • Saturday 26 December 2020 between 9:55am to 7:15pm 
  • Sunday 27 December 2020 between 12:45pm to 8:15pm 
  • Monday 28 December 2020 between 8:30am to 7:15pm 
  • Tuesday 29 December 2020 between 1:45pm to 9:15pm 
  • Wednesday 30 December 2020 between 12:45am to 9:15pm 
  • Thursday 31 December 2020 between 8:30am to 5pm  

In addition to the Woolworths update, New South Wales Health has updated its advice for any customers at the nearby BWS liquor store.

They previously released several dates and times in which customers could have potentially been exposed to Covid after two staff members worked while infectious.

The advice now urges anybody who visited the store over the Christmas period to seek testing immediately and self isolate.

While no new Covid cases were recorded on Monday, two new cases have since been linked to the cluster which will be included on Tuesday’s figures, taking the total for the Berala BWS cluster to at least 15.  

More to follow 


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