World of Warcraft and South Park cosplay legend Jarod Nandin passes away – Dexerto

Jarod Nandin, who famously cosplayed the villainous high-level World of Warcraft player from one of South Park’s most iconic episodes, ‘Make Love Not Warcraft,’ has sadly passed away.

Jarod Nandin was nothing short of a legend in the cosplay community. He made headlines everywhere back in 2013 when he cosplayed the high-level World of Warcraft player from South Park’s ‘Make Love Not Warcraft’ episode at Blizzcon.

For those who can’t remember, the character was an obese and bald middle-aged man. He was supposed to represent a stereotypical PC gamer nerd who had no life outside World of Warcraft. Jarod’s cosplay was a surprise, and it was perfect.

Jarod revealed his health had rapidly declined back on December 18, 2020. Sadly, it never improved and eventually claimed his life. His passing has left a hole in many people’s hearts, including presenter, podcast host, and video game journalist Michele Morrow.

“Today, the Warcraft and greater Blizzard community lost one of its sweetest souls,” she said. “Jarod Nandin, also known as JarodNWBZPWNR, was best known [for] his famous Blizzcon cosplay “That Which Has No Life” from the South Park episode “Make Love Not Warcraft.”

“Jarod had a fantastic sense of humor and was an advocate for cosplayers, body acceptance, and positivity,” she added. “I always enjoyed seeing him online and at conventions [throughout] the years.

Jarod Nandin South Park Pass Away
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Jarod’s legendary recreation of the iconic South Park character will always be remembered.

“He loved Overwatch and was a kickass gamer,” she said, which is something not a lot of people realized. “I saw him at Blizzcon nearly every year. He gave the best hugs and always had something positive to share.”

“Rest In Peace Jarod, you beautiful soul,” she said. “Blizzcon won’t be the same without you. Thank you for making an impact [on] my life and so many others. We will never forget you.”

Jarod will always be remembered for his larger-than-life personality, inspiring confidence, dedication to the community, and of course, his iconic cosplay. Nobody has ever managed to bring that character to life as well as he did.

It takes a special kind of person to invest their time in bringing joy and happiness to other people’s lives, even if it’s something simple, like putting a smile on their face at Blizzcon. Jarod was one of those people.


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