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The homepage has been updated with a last-minute teaser to celebrate the upcoming Apple event, which kicks off tomorrow at 7 AM PT. Apple is expected to announce a new lineup of iPad Pro and iPad Air.

The new teaser at the top of the page cycles between the various illustrations of Apple logo, with a twist that you can erase the art with your mouse pointer on Mac, or finger on your iPhone’s touchscreen. When the logo is fully erased, a new variant animates in.

The latest teaser is yet another reference to the fact that we are also anticipating new generations of Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, to coincide with the new iPads.

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The new Magic Pencil is expected to add a new squeeze gesture, that may help users access eraser functionality in their drawing app more quickly. The squeeze gesture is believed to be accompanied by haptic feedback, to confirm the action.

The new Magic Keyboard will feature a new design based on aluminium case materials, with a larger trackpad to make it even more laptop-like. It’s currently unclear if the new keyboard will be compatible with only the new iPad Pro, or if it will also work with the Air.

The new iPad Pro lineup will feature the same offering of two screen sizes, but the tablets will now sport new OLED display technology for richer contrast and more brightness. The new models are believed to be powered by the next-generation of Apple Silicon, M4. The Neural Engine in the M4 is expected to be significantly upgraded to be better for artificial intelligence workloads.

The overall industrial chassis design of the new iPad Pro is also believed to have been updated, with an overall thinner body. The front camera may also move to the landscape edge for the first time.

The new iPad Air is expected to be less dramatic, with a more straightforward refresh to the M2 chip. Updates to other iPad models are not expected to be part of tomorrow’s proceedings, although they are due to arrive later in 2024.

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