‘Destiny 2’ Instantly Changes Into The Light Weapon Timegating After Complaints

The reaction was fast and furious from the Destiny 2 community when Bungie announced only half of its reprised “greatest hits” weapons would launch with the arrival of its free Into the Light content, with the others being timegated to one a week after that for six more weeks.

A little more than a day later, Bungie changed their mind to at least some degree, and went through a bunch of things they hoped that would address player concerns regarding loot.

  • There is still some timegating but a lot less of it. All of the guns will be out in three weeks rather than six, so that’s two new ones a week. Then there will be over a month to grind out limited edition variants rather than 2-3 weeks for the last additions.
  • They says they want “fresh rewards” for the first half of the event, and more playable content will be added in the second half (there is supposed to be an exotic mission).
  • They reiterate that there is a weekly quest from Arcite, a Shaxx vendor, that will guarantee at least one limited-edition rarity of each of the 12 guns before the event is over and the limited editions go away. We still don’t know the potential drop rates of limited editions in the wild.
  • They maintain that there is going to be a lot of loot for this, where one 50 wave run would get you multiple copies of a weapon you’re focusing. They compare it to the amount of loot you were getting when Season of Opulence’s chest was bugged (that was like 5-9 copies of a weapon per run). There’s also a weapon chest you feed currency into for even more drops.
  • They reiterate all 12 weapons can be farmed after The Final Shape as Onslaught is not going away, you just can’t get the limited edition ornament ones. There seems to be some confusion among some players that these guns are only available in general for two months, which is not the case.

So this is…good enough, in my opinion. No, it’s not zero timegating, but I think all of this adds up to be okay enough to stop complaining, and it does seem like there will be a good amount of grinding/earning time for limited edition weapons. I do think some people may still not show up on week one if they haven’t introduced the weapons they care about, but that’s Bungie’s problem I guess.

I am still looking forward to Into the Light and these (heavily power-crept) classic weapons, and we have one more showcase that should reveal new Crucible maps (where Onslaught is likely to take place) and some exotic mission-related stuff. We’ll see on Tuesday.

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