Google brings more Pixel Watch bands to Amazon with cheaper prices

Google’s official bands for the Pixel Watch are the best options out there, seeing as the third-party market is pretty rough, but Google is at least making it easier to find a good deal as it has expanded more Pixel Watch bands to Amazon recently.

For the past couple of years, Google has sold a variety of bands for the Pixel Watch through its own store. This includes the Active, Leather, Stretch, Woven, and other band types. The average cost of these bands hovers around $50-60 or so, and generally speaking don’t get big discounts. In fact, the current $5 off on the Active and Stretch Bands is one of the only discounts Google has offered in recent memory.

But at third-party retailers, sales are pretty common.

However, the problem there is that Google has only ever sold a very tiny number of its Pixel Watch bands through Amazon and Best Buy. That includes the green Woven Band, a couple of the Active Band colors, and that’s about it. But, suddenly, Google has greatly expanded the number of bands it sells through Amazon.

As of May 2024, Google now sells nine Pixel Watch bands through Amazon. These include the Active, Woven, Sport, and Craft Leather bands.

While many of these listings are at the same price as they are on the Google Store, many on Amazon are 15% or more off. The best deal right now is on the Hazel version of the Active Band, which is nearly 25% off.

An interesting side note is that many of these bands are listed with small and large variants, even though some, like the Active Band in Hazel and Black, don’t actually have two separate size variants.

In any case, it’s nice to see Google expanding sales of these bands, though it’s also interesting that Best Buy’s selection has actually shrunk (with some great discounts along the way).

What band are you using with Pixel Watch?

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