Google offering solid trade-in values towards Pixel 8a for previous A-Series phones

Google just launched the Pixel 8a and, through the Google Store, it’s offering the device for free with select trade-ins. If you’re upgrading from a previous Pixel A-Series device, too, Google has some pretty decent trade-in deals to offer with Pixel 8a.

Trade-in offers have become one of the key ways to upgrade your smartphone over the past few years, and the Pixel 8a is no different. Google says that will give buyers up to $500 off the Pixel 8a – making the device free – with selected trades. Values will vary, but the top prices can be found with, of course, iPhones. The iPhone 14 Pro Max will get you $499 back regardless of storage option.

The best values at the Google Store are found with high-end devices, but there are some pretty solid values to be had with past Pixel A-Series devices.

Pixel 7a will get you back $200, while Pixel 6a gets $180 in return. Given these devices are often sold on the secondhand market for less than $250, Google’s offer is a quick and easy way to make your upgrade.

The Pixel 4a, which is no longer getting updates, also gets $160, which is an especially good offer. Google will also give you $175 for the OnePlus 9 Pro, which is an unexpectedly great offer.

We’ve gathered together some key trade-in offers below, all based on good condition devices in their lowest storage option.

Trade-in to Pixel 8a on 5/7
Google Pixel 7a $200
Google Pixel 6a $180
Google Pixel 5a $170
Google Pixel 4a $160
Google Pixel 3a $110
Google Pixel 7 $170
Google Pixel 6 $130
Google Pixel 5 $120
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max $499
Apple iPhone 14 $320
Apple iPhone 13 $250
Apple iPhone 12 $200
Apple iPhone 11 $160
Apple iPhone SE (3rd Gen) $150
Samsung Galaxy S23 $305
Samsung Galaxy S22 $245
Samsung Galaxy S21 $186
Samsung Galaxy A53 $35
OnePlus 9 Pro $175
OnePlus 10 Pro $50

Oddly enough, Best Buy has yet to launch Pixel 8a trade-ins. The retailer usually has trade-in offers during pre-order, but nothing is available just yet. Presumably, that’ll come later on. But, in the meantime, Best Buy is offering Pixel 8a with a $100 gift card and $100 off when you activate with your carrier. That’s easily the best deal currently available.

Amazon is similarly offering a $100 gift card with the device, but again without trade-in.

Google Pixel 8a starts shipping on May 14. You can read our hands-on here.

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