Pixel Tablet keyboard and dock-less price hinted at in retail listings

Google is preparing to “relaunch” the Pixel Tablet without a dock and add an official keyboard and stylus to the mix, and now a new leak is revealing prices too.

There have been rumblings of Google launching a Pixel Tablet keyboard and a stylus for some time, but yesterday saw the first info about the company’s plans. According to that report, Google is set to launch these new Pixel Tablet accessories and start selling the tablet without its dock starting in May.

Now, the folks over at Droid-Life are adding a bit more context from those same retail listings.

These listings, which apparently showed up at an undisclosed European retailer, claim that the Pixel Tablet will be sold without its dock for €446. That’s for the 128GB, where the 256GB option jumps up to €553.

With the dock, the Pixel Tablet currently sells for €679 on the Google Store, so this represents a pretty hefty discount. The leaked prices probably don’t represent what we’ll see when the new options formally launch, but they indicate a considerable difference in price – around 30%.

If that roughly 30% difference translates directly to the retail pricing – and that’s a big if – , that’d place the Pixel Tablet without a dock at around $330 in the US. Google sells the dock for $129 on its own, so that price would actually be way cheaper than the bundle’s value, so it’s probably safe to assume that the prices from this retailer are showing a bit lower than they’re meant to.

Beyond that, the listings also revealed the “Pixel Tablet Pen” and “Pixel Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard.” The former has no price listed, but the keyboard is apparently listed at €89, though it’s thought to perhaps end up closer to €100. Google’s latest official stylus, the Pixelbook Pen, sold for just shy of $100 too.

What do you think of these potential prices?

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