Radio host cries after winner of £105k reveals what he’ll spend it on

Radio host tears up after winner of £105,000 jackpot reveals he’s spending the money on a headstone for his late wife who died 6 years ago

A radio host teared up and told a caller he’d made her ’emotional’ after he revealed he will spend the £105,000 he won in a competition on a new headstone for his late wife.

John, who entered the Cash Register competition on Hits Radio UK, told host Hattie Pearson he had ‘never won anything’ before as he revealed how he plans to spend the money.

In a clip posted on the radio station’s Twitter account, the caller revealed to Hattie that his wife Anita passed away six years ago and he visits her grave every weekend to lay fresh flowers.

However, John added that, as a pensioner who cannot quickly save money, he has never been able to buy his late wife the gravestone he wanted for her.

After winning the six-figure sum, John said the only thing he had won in his life was ‘the love of a lovely lady’, which led Hattie to tear up.

A clip of the conversation, posted on the Twitter account for Hits Radio, showed Hattie speaking in the studio as John was on the phone.

At the beginning of the clip, Hattie asks John what he’d do with the money. He replies: ‘I would buy a gravestone for my late wife’s grave.’

He continues: ‘I lost her six years ago.’

Explaining how he hasn’t been able to buy Anita the gravestone he wanted for her, John says: ‘When you’re a pensioner, it takes a long time to save up with the cost of stuff nowadays.’

Radio host Hattie Pearson, of Hits Radio, was left visibly moved after a chat with a winner of a £105,000 jackpot called John

Hattie teared up speaking to John after he revealed the only thing he had ever won in his life was 'the love of a lovely lady'

Hattie, visibly moved, puts her hand to her face and wipes her eyes as John is speaking.

As the pair continue chatting, John reveals he visits Anita ‘every week’ and is due to see her again this Saturday to ‘put some fresh flowers’ on her grave.

Hattie tells him: ‘When you go and see your late wife Anita on Saturday at the graveyard, you’ve got some good news to share with her. You’ve just won £105,000 and you’ll be able to get her a gravestone that she deserves.’

As it is confirmed that John has bagged an enormous jackpot, he jokes: ‘I need five minutes before I can go anywhere! My legs are shaking, I’m shaking everywhere.’

After revealing he has never won anything before, John adds: ‘Well, I say I’ve never won anything, I’ve won the love of a lovely lady.’

Hattie smiles but looks choked up as she looks down from her microphone. Through tears, she says: ‘You’ve made me a bit emotional, John.’

John replies: ‘It’s made me emotional. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so, so much, you don’t know what it means.’  


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