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Last week, we got a report from Ross Young with a nice surprise that the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Air would use mini-LED for its display. Now an updated report from Ross says that’s not happening after all, but there could be an iPad surprise at the end of the year.

Ross Young shared the revised iPad Air news with paid subscribers this morning. He says that while multiple supply chain sources said the larger 2024 iPad Air would feature mini-LED tech, he has just heard from “even more supply chain sources” that it won’t be happening.

He highlights that it “makes sense” mini-LED won’t be included with the 12.9-inch iPad Air as it’s a more expensive move.

However, one interesting piece to this is that Ross is hearing a new 12.9-inch iPad with mini-LED may arrive in Q4 2024.

It’s unclear what that iPad would be as we’re expecting both an iPad Pro and iPad Air refresh at Apple’s May 7 event “Let Loose”.

What do you think? Is no mini-LED with the 12.9-inch iPad Air a dealbreaker? Or no big deal? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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