Stellar Blade Fans Desperate to Unlock “Best Outfit in the Game”

Stellar Blade released yesterday via the PS5, and by most accounts it is another great exclusive for PlayStation, as evident by its 82 on Metcaritic. Obviously one of the big selling points, and sometimes points of contention, is the game’s protagonist, Eve, and her various max sliders. To this end, it should come as no surprise that her collection of outfits — some of which are very, very revealing — is a substantial part of the game. This evident by the fact there are dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of outfits in the game. Heck, New Game Plus itself has 34 exclusive outfits. What is the best outfit though?

Naturally, some of the more revealing suits are proving quite popular, but over on the Stellar Blade Reddit page one suit, in particular, is proving to be extra popular. That said, the outfit in question is not easy to unlock. In fact, some may even say it is tedious to unlock. 

One of the top posts on the Stellar Blade Reddit page right now is an appreciation post for the Black Pearl Nano Suit, which requires you to collect 49 cans. These cans be quite hard to find at times. As a result, some players find this process tedious, others say they enjoy finding the cans though, partially because of the animations involved and the various designs of the cans, which are creative and thoughtful. What everyone agrees on though is the suit that unlocks is worth the effort. In fact, many of the comments have lauded the suit as the best in the game. 

Guess I’m collecting all the cans.
u/Iforgetwhat8wuzfor in

“I love how every time she pack up a can she do a pose like she is in an ad,” reads the top comment. “Best outfit in the game in my opinion, ” reads another popular comment. 

This is obviously quite a revealing outfit, but it is far from the most revealing outfit in the game. Suffice to say, while outfits are only a small cosmetic to the larger game, the collecting and adorning of them is proving quite popular. To this end, we expect more will be added at some point. In the meantime, and as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. What is your favorite outfit in Stellar Blade?


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